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9/11 Remembrance

Fellow Bloggers and my Fellow Americans; tomorrow marks the 11th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. This is a time to put aside our differences and personify the ideaology of "United We Stand"

I have drafted the timeline of events of the fateful day so as to provide you with the personal opportunity to remember and honor those that perished that day. I will be taking a moment of silence for each occurance ...

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71 Years from D-Day!

Today marks the 71st anniversary of D-Day, June 6th 1944, when the Allies conducted the largest sea to land invasion in History that set into process the downfall of Nazi Germany. Eleven months later the war came to an end as Nazi Germany was incapable of fighting a two front war and the Russians took Berlin. The Fuhrer did not live to see the end to his evil reign and committed suicide in the underground ...

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Russian Plane Zaps U.S. Warship


A Russian Plane Zaps U.S. Warship’s Missile Defense System
By Gary North
The Tea Party Economist
November 14, 2014
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An unarmed Russian bomber in April flew over a high-tech U.S. ship. A crew member pressed a button. Poof! No more missile defense system on the ship. No more radar. The ship became a defenseless floating coffin.

Then ...

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raising money to help Unemployed Veterans



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Prisoner of war camp

Little do people realize one of the two World War II prisoner of war camps on Ft. Stewart will soon be buried under the new Veterans Parkway widening. This camp housed mostly German prisoners of war from the African campaign.

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