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The US Army is Older than the United States

The official birthday of the United States is July 4th 1776, but the Army was formed in 1775. the reason for this is that before we became a nation we needed an organized military in order to remove ourselves from the dominion of the British.

The establishment of the Army was necessary if there were ever going to be any chance of independence from the British. Each State had an established militia ...

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Will Cyborg Troops be in our Future?

I don't know if I personally agree with this technology but rumor has it that the US military is working on a computer chip which can be implanted into the brain to connect the brains of troops to computers.

I do admit that the possibilities are almost limitless. Commands and directions could be given directly to the soldier along with all types of pertinent information. Can you imagine current satellite information on ...

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The Marine Corps Constantly Adapts its Training

One of the things that our military does in order to continue to be successful is to adapt and change with the times. Every war is not the same so the tactics which may have brought success during the last campaign could very well be the downfall of the current conflict.

Tools such as after action reviews are utilized in order to correct the things that were done wrong after a conflict, ...

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Rules of Engagement (ROE) are Loosened for Troops

Rules of Engagement are rules given to American combat troops which state the conditions effecting the application of force in any given situation, and the amount of force to apply. They are very effective because they often prevent the killing of civilians and overreacting to situations which is exactly what they are designed to do.

Troops in combat will follow orders and obey the ROE. If there is a situation that warrants ...

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Female Marines begin to change Jobs

Females have began to apply for positions within the USMC Special Operations Command after these jobs have recently been made available to them. This is heartening because it shows the willingness of many of our female service members to serve in military occupational specialties which are extremely dangerous and require total commitment and dedication.

Every available MARSOC position does not require troops to go out and fight as infantry. There are many ...

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