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The Art of War

When the word War is included in a sentence most of us take pause and immediately begin to question why is “War” the only answer. All of us should question this but we still have the onus to research the claims verses the facts and do our best to come to an objective consensus of the validity of the request.

First and foremost, war is an ugly thing; it is unforgiving and ...

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Part of being a good president is making the tough decisions and listening to your military advisers.

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Trump Paying Respects to Fallen Soldier


If this is correct Trump has headed to Honor the Soldier Killed in Yemen when he comes into Dover Airforce base. I don't remember one time in eight years when Obama attempted to do that...

Regardless still a Patriotic and Classy move if it is true.

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Reddit blocking video from going viral


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The War From Within

WAR - a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state:

The above is the “textbook” definition of war; characteristically we refer to war to pertain to armed conflicts between countries or nations that are a direct threat to one’s country or way of life. The common mindset is to only engage in a war as a last resort due to the catastrophic ...

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