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Police Extortion

What’s the difference between police issuing tickets, and the act of extortion?

Most people want to believe police are great and wonderful and uphold the law, and those broad sweeping statements about police are always correct are ignorant and unfair.

The first obvious criticism is that upholding the law is not moral, per se.

The law is capable of being wrong. Thus, the claim that there ...

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Last updated 3 months, 3 weeks ago.
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Last comment by Funkentelecky 3 months, 3 weeks ago
No Death on Deathrow...

I don’t how much of you pay attention to death Row inmates that are scheduled for their imminent meeting with their maker but personally I am getting a little disgusted with the reasons these cats are asking to be spared.
With that said when it comes down to the Death Penalty it is a mixed bag of whether you agree or disagree with the process. I concede that there are a whole lot of ...

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Last comment by HMJC 4 months, 3 weeks ago
PBS--Black Panthers Special

This is not a Power to the People or Black Power Moment. I'm challenging each of you to watch the PBS special tonight about the history of the Black Panthers. I didn't grow up in the era nor do I know much about them. I've heard bad and good things. Tonight, I plan to watch and draw my own conclusion about the group--I hope you do the same.

Information Below: ...

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Last updated 7 months, 1 week ago.
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Last comment by PoliticsNation 7 months, 1 week ago
Here's Why We Beat Black Kids.

Everyday I hear about another child being beat or treated like an animal-I get sick to my stomach. I'm so tired of society holding one group to a higher standard than the other.

Lots of children have problems with authority. But only black children are supposed to have that problem beaten out of them. Society tells black parents that it’s their job to beat the crap out of their kids, leaders wax ...

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Last updated 11 months ago.
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Last comment by john3c 10 months, 3 weeks ago
Winter Gardening Tips From Your Growing Zone

All you people who loves to grow gardens! Here's some advice on winter gardens to keep the veggies coming in fresh!


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Last updated 11 months ago.
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