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It was nice to see someone from the Black Community speak with common sense regarding the current overtones of the "Injustices" to the black community. He did address some of his personal sentiments but did reduce it to the lowest common denominator; teaching your kids what right looks like. One thing I am growing weary of; the continued backlash the Law enforcement community continues to endure. The embellished statements of the extreme difference between a ...

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Blue on Black vs. Black on Black

So… I am going to address the racial elephant in the room… Police killings of Black Americans vs. Black on Black killings. Now before this becomes a “Race Baiting”; this is not my intent. However with the current climate I feel it is necessary to think about the numbers for what they are as opposed to perception and conjecture.

There is a drastic contrast to blacks killing each other period dot. I ...

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This Is Why Colin Kapernick Takes A Knee

If you're outraged at the protest Kaepernick started, but not outraged about the murder of Terence Crutcher, you are part of the problem.

All cops aren't bad but America has to admit that not all are good.

Every American should be outraged at the genocide taking place in the streets of America against blacks by bad cops.

The world we live in: People upset when a ...

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High School Player's Take Knee For National Anthem

For those offended by the high school players taking a knee; must not understand what our soldiers are fighting for. Yesterday, I read the Army Times comments from active duty soldiers and veterans and most supported his right to sit or kneel and that speaks volumes.

The San-Francisco 49ers also made a million dollar donation to a community organization to help deal with the issues Kapernick brought to the fore-front during his ...

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BLM Agenda Released

Black Lives Matter after much pressure released the groups Agenda; link attached. Now before we get the site typical race-baiting accusations; I didn’t write the article, I didn’t come up with some of the out of touch demands. This in my biased opinion further detracts from an organization that states they are promoting change for all but continue to focus primarily on the Black demographic. I am not going to list some of the head ...

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