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Black Wall Street--Moment In HIstory

Black Wall Street, the name fittingly given to one of the most affluent all-Black communities in America, was bombed from the air and burned to the ground by mobs of envious Whites. In a period spanning fewer than 12 hours, a once thriving Black business district in northern Tulsa lay smoldering – a model community destroyed and a major African-American economic movement resoundingly defused.

The night’s carnage left some 3,000 African Americans ...

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Last comment by rendevzoustoo 3 days, 20 hours ago
America's new problem-White/White Crime is on rise

"Can anyone shed light on the media’s fixation with so-called “Black on Black” homicide? You wouldn’t know it by listening to the mainstream media, but Black on Black homicide has actually dropped from a high of 94% in the 1990s to 91.3% in 2012. This may not seem significant, until you realize that White on White hom!cide has risen during the same period."

"In addition, if you listen to the ...

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Last comment by timeontarget 1 month, 1 week ago
What If???

As the Ferguson MO. debacle continues to spiral out of control I have a couple of what if's

o What if once all the FACTS are sorted out and it is found that Mr. Brown had culpability that directly contributed to his demise?

o What if the raw conversation captured is a more accurate representation of what occurred that night?

o What If ...

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Last comment by HMJC 6 months, 1 week ago
Daily Trashing of Courtland Dr.

Over the past few years, someone (or group) has been tossing their fast food trash (and sometimes their house trash) along Courtland Drive, which is just off of Interstate 84 and across from Lowes. This mean-spirited act generally occurs two to three times per week. It seems that there some who are intent on bringing our lovely community down. If anyone has any insight on who is doing this, please contact the police immediately.

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GA ranks 4th/hate groups in USA-website attached!

The state of Georgia is on the map again and it's not for the right reason. Georgia has 50 hate groups alive and well throughout the state.

I shared my personal story on this blog a couple of weeks ago. One of me fellow bloggers stated that the type of racism I saw growing up didn't occur in Georgia and he was proud. I thought to myself "He must have been in ...

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Last comment by shannalat 11 months, 3 weeks ago

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