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Make Your First Move in the Modeling Industry

Our lives run into a scheduled manner and that particular schedule teaches us to search for a suitable career option after we are done with our education. Through this process, a huge number of young and talented people are passing out their Universities or Colleges and straight away, jumping into the job field. It is also fortunate that plenty numbers of jobs are available there and we have enough flexibility to opt for the best ...

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Last comment by JimmyMack 4 hours, 38 minutes ago
Dr Lee Passing out more Raises

I see the BOE has approved for Principles to receive a raise, but no one else. Looks like to me she is paying off people so they will be on her side. Were did we get this money from???? The rest of the BOE employees haven't had a raise in 6 years. Why not them? The average cost of the health insurance is 550 a month some employees are working just for insurance. This three ...

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Last comment by JimmyMack 12 hours, 14 minutes ago
Long County Marching Band

If it wasn't for the the "Letter to the Editor" I would have never known about the Long County Band needing funds... I don't mind supporting local kids at all. I would like to know in advance of fund raisers! I'm sure who ever is in charge tried... I never saw it.
Here is a copy of the letter. All support will be truly appreciated .

Long County marching ...

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Last comment by JimmyMack 1 month, 3 weeks ago
Wiggle there way out

I see the BOE wiggle their way out of answering any questions about concerns with the BOE. Yes they did give their account on the raise for the superintendent. Sorry not a raise an adjustment. My question is this why didn't they state that from the beginning? Why are we adjusting wages before contract up? Why are we paying more now then before to someone without the years experience as prior, for this position? Why ...

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Last comment by timeontarget 2 months ago
Blogs? Liberty County BOE

Seen a blog Jimmy Mack posted the other day about gathering at the next BOE meeting on Tuesday. Now that blog is no longer there? Did someone take it down? My comment on the blog was to spread the word we need taxpayers to attend this meeting! Staff will not go because they are afraid of losing their jobs. I also wrote that at each meeting the superintendent approves the meeting making sure it complies ...

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Last comment by shannalat 2 months, 1 week ago

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