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Why Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican

Black Republican Frequently Asked Questions


Answers are provided below.

1. Does The Democratic Party Owe Blacks An Apology?

2. Did The Republican Party Fight For Black Freedom And Equality?

3. Were The Anti-Civil War “Copperheads” Democrats?

4. Did The 1863 Emancipation Proclamation Free ...

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Is Your Child’s 504 Plan Being Followed?

After various meetings and consultations, your child now has a 504 plan.

But is the school actually providing him/her the services, modifications, and accommodations he/she is entitled to? Here are six tips to find out.

Know who is responsible for each of your child’s services.

Your child’s 504 plan should not only state the specific services he will be provided, but the names of each professional ...

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From The Mouths Of Young White Male/Female and GOP

A 14-year-old white student's poem goes viral in the midst of heated national discussions regarding race and privilege.


Systemic Racism For Dummies Video


If these GOP senators can acknowledge that there's a problem in American between the police, blacks and whites; surely, the folks on this site can.

Republican Senator ...

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT All of a sudden

"By his fruits you will know him" This is what the liberal Democrats and Obama the Muslim has done to us.

This will make you sick to your stomach
Monday, May 9, 2016 8:59 AM, "RLCOB@aol.com" wrote:

"A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right and evil doesn't become good,just because it is accepted by a majority ."

All Of A Sudden... Seven Short ...

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Why Russia Resents Us
By Patrick J. Buchanan

Friday, a Russian SU-27 did a barrel roll over a U.S. RC-135 over the Baltic, the second time in two weeks.

Also in April, the U.S. destroyer Donald Cook, off Russia's Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad, was twice buzzed by Russian planes.

Vladimir Putin's message:

Keep your spy planes and ships a respectable distance away ...

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