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School Choice Encourages Competition

Kind friends I present you with some interesting information developing on the school choice front. The information attached below can be acquired from the Georgia Center for Opportunity at http://www.georgiaopportunity.org. Your humble servant is a longtime proponent of school choice. Having paid for years into a system from which I nor my children gained advantage, I feel the fruit is ripening and the time is near in allowing the parent to decide how their taxes ...

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Educational Bacon

Dear friends, I am curious if anyone would know the number of administrative level employees the Superintendent of Schools decided to retain in order to “improve the educational experiences of district students”? Since the cumulative loss of $33 MM over the past four years - yes...the blood letting has occurred over a four year period - has played a major role in the district’s financial state as reported by the fine staff of the Coastal ...

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Liberty BOE Prepares the Public

it is my humble opinion that you can experience a significant increase in your school taxes soon as the Board of Education scrambles to rebuild the war chest that has shamelessly been squandered over the past few years. They report that funding entities have become wiser and have shifted financial assets elsewhere; all whilst the Board spent without regard money they likely knew was never a guarantee. $7 MM for football field upgrades, another few ...

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Gov.Deal dream for school staff/no insurance

Nathan Deal’s budget would eliminate health insurance for 11,500 school workers

Talk on social media is pointing to this portion of Gov. Nathan Deal’s proposed budget, which apparently foresees eliminating health insurance coverage for school cafeteria workers, bus drivers and other employees who work fewer than 30 hours a week. From Page 137 of the governor’s budget proposal:

11. Delay the implementation of the scheduled increase of ...

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Dr Lee Passing out more Raises

I see the BOE has approved for Principles to receive a raise, but no one else. Looks like to me she is paying off people so they will be on her side. Were did we get this money from???? The rest of the BOE employees haven't had a raise in 6 years. Why not them? The average cost of the health insurance is 550 a month some employees are working just for insurance. This three ...

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