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Deja vu

Its seems what happen in Clayton County Georgia Schools BOE is happening here. Tax payers listen up this is your money, everyone needs to be more involved. I hope and pray the courier stays on top of the BOE. We have to stand up and not lose our rights. This needs to be reported to SACS Georgia, This is not the first time it has happen.

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The present Superintendent of Schools, has just thrown down the gauntlet at the feet of the Courier. Using the Progress Through People platform to discredit the Courier's reportage regarding her eliminating the STAR Program.

Well I think the Courier needs to dig deeper into Dr. Lee e.g. Her not being selected to the Birmingham Superintendent position, her resume entailing questionable references, grammar and other areas. Also, the Liberty County BOE minutes and ...

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Shame on the BOE

Every board of education member who voted for Dr. Lee’s contract and Dr. Lee who accepted it should hang their heads in shame. Dr. Lee’s three year contract with close to a 20,000 dollar a year raise while our teachers have had to endure pay cuts every year for years in the form of furlough days is deplorable. Not to mention the new car she had to have upon her arrival here while our teachers ...

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School System Cuts Star Program

The Coastal Courier shed light on a very important issue in the Wednesday August 13, 2014 paper.

I've heard a lot of chatter about the Star Program leaving and how it will affect the teachers and students. The advocates for the program say the Star Program was designed to catch kids before they end up in that pipeline to prison, and to turn them around. It’s character training and structure, in assignments ...

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The School-to-Prison Pipeline

What happens to education when students, from preschool to high school, are subjected to disciplinary policies that more closely resemble policing than teaching? Around the country, advocates are collecting data illustrating the devastating effects of what they call the "school-to-prison pipeline," where student behavior is criminalized, children are treated like prisoners and, all too often, actually end up behind bars.

When your child acts out at home they are usually punished for ...

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