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Liberty Co Seeks Teachers????

What an amusing article! Seeking " the better and best teachers"?? Get a grip.....those teachers have already left the county and the word is out on Liberty County and their treatment of teachers by the current administration. Remember, you got exactly what you voted and paid for. Thanks for the best laugh of the day!

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Dear Abby

I copied and pasted this to share good information.

DEAR ABBY: Making wise decisions about what to do with your money can be tough. Insurance policies, mortgages and investment plans come with so much terminology and fine print. The phone calls, email messages and mail offers for products and services are endless, and some are downright dishonest. It seems as if there's a scammer -- or an opportunity to make the wrong ...

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Sub Teacher Whips Students--What would You Do?

Frustrated substitute teacher takes out the belt, whips middle schoolers

Friday afternoon, a group of boys fighting in their classroom got the shock of their lives when their frustrated teacher took off his belt and started hitting them with it.

Do you think he went too far?


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I wish my teacher knew

I read this and it got my attention... I hope it gets teachers attention as well.


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Student denied diploma because of Graduation test?

ATLANTA (AP) – Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has signed a bill into law that will give Georgians who were denied their high school diplomas an opportunity to petition for one.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Monday that the bill Deal signed retroactively eliminates tests that students are no longer required to graduate. The bill includes the Georgia High School Graduation Test, which was implemented in 1994 and was dropped in 2011.

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