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News photographer kept this 2005 photo of Obama & Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan secret for Obama's entire political career because it would have “made a difference” to Obama’s political future

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Thoughts, Meanderings and Pontifications

Thoughts and meanderings for the week…


Can someone, anyone explain to me why the NFL players are allowed to exercise their 1st Amendment rights on TV on and off the field but our Veterans are not allowed to voice their angst in the same forum as the NFL player are allowed to do? The article states that the NFL wants the Veteran organizations to modify their message to ...

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Get Those Dehydrators Out

Results from my 8 trays done in Excalibur at 135 temperature for 14 hours.

Best batch I’ve ever made slicing it at 1/4 inch thick, soaking it in lemon juice for a few minutes which helps preventing turning brown, laying these apple chips on trays and sprinkling some with cinnamon sugar, some with apple spice.

I prefer naked as they say with no spices and such. It all tastes ...

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the market crash continues

the democrats said the market would crash if donald trump was elected, the crash continues. now its at 26,000. PN. would like us to believe it's from obama, but ecominest say other wise. as do informed people.

Who deserves credit for the booming economy? This is not a petty argument. How voters answer the question could well determine whether Democrats retake the House of Representatives come November.

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Get Your Smoker Going 4

This link may be useful to you grillers and food smokers. Free to download.


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