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Neighborhood Watch for The Villages of Limerick

I am interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch program with the Liberty County Sheriff's office for the The Villages of Limerick. If anyone is interested please contact Lonnie Teague at (912)220-6374.

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Yes I Am A Smoker And Addicted To It

Nothing pleases me more than to go shopping for meats, veggies, and fruits and put them in a smoker. It can become very additive and be a very enjoyable hobby and you get a lot of wonderful food out of it ready to eat.

Today I decided to go out to the market and see what I could find to put in the smoker. It turns out I'll have to make another ...

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SPLOST in Long County (Staff Blog)

Long County Chairman Clarifies Questions on SPLOST On November 7th voters from Long County will decide whether or not to continue supporting SPLOST, which stands for Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax. The tax amount is one cent on every dollar spent in the Long County, and was approved six years ago. According to Long County Commission Chairman, Mike Riddle over the last six years the SPLOST tax has raised over 3 million dollars that ...

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Let's Talk About Public Nuisance And Your Rights

What are some of the nuisances in your life? Do you feel that annoyances, nuisances can be identified as bullying, as someone trying to control you and your wellbeing and attempting to use you as an example for others to stay in line or else they shall share the same faith?

In very general terms, a nuisance is something that annoys - a wearing on the nerves by a persistent unpleasantness. It ...

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This FB focus group is in no way affiliated with Liberty County or any city government that is part of Liberty County.

This focus group was formed to bring Hinesville and all Liberty County citizens together for the common goal of being each others keeper and learning what resources are available to us in Liberty County and any city/town part of Liberty county to also include Fort Stewart Military Base.

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