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Ashley Madison Cheat Scandal Hits Coastal Empire

Review this list at your own risk. This is a link to a website that list the names of every person in the state of Georgia that used the site . The names are listed by City.

Click on the link below...


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Live TV Murders

As you probably know, a man murdered a reporter and her cameraman on live TV yesterday. He was a racist who, according to his own words, was seeking vengeance for the supposed "homophobia" and racism he'd encountered. He said he wanted to start a race war.

Now, because our media is largely corrupt, devious, and manipulative, this dramatic and terrible story will not be in the headlines for long. The racial dynamic ...

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To me, the word "Community" means being connected with one another, working as a team, and practicing open communication. Having said this, I believe that the citizens in our community are entitled to more news from their Sheriff's Office to keep them well connected. At the same time, I also want to encourage involvement from the community.

I will work with the local news media, and establish an improved social media page ...

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If I am elected as Sheriff, one of my top priories is the accreditation of the Liberty County Sheriff's Department. Accreditation will establish oversight over the Department to ensure tax payers monies are utilized efficiently and effectively.

Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Award was granted in 1984, the program has become the primary method for an agency to voluntarily demonstrate their commitment to excellence in law enforcement. The standards upon which ...

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Robert A. Brooks Jr. launches campaign website

As most of you already know, I am running for Sheriff of Liberty County. My campaign website is now live. I would like to invite you to visit it at

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at robertbrooks.campaign@gmail.com or call me at 912-492-5142. You can also leave a comment on my Facebook page Robert A. Brooks Jr.

Thank you so much!

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