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muslim imigrants

for those who think bring Muslims refugees here is a good idea. watch this video.


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police shootings

once again people are rioting before knowing all the facts about a shooting, and people are taking up sides against the evil police. while it is still too early to say for sure what happened, we wont really know until they enhance the video from the helicopter. the cops were blocking the view from the camera in their cars due to where they were standing. i have one thought that really stands out, we hear ...

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Journalism and Politics

I have followed this Coastal Courier online for a good long time now. The newspaper in its traditional roll no longer exists and a consequence of that is that our politics have become riddled with corruption and lack of ethics. Our local newspaper as well as our regional (Savannah Morning News) have ceased to be watchdogs guarding against political misdeeds.

When I was very young my Father taught me to read the ...

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Kaepernick Was and Is Wrong for Sitting (Staff Blog)

Well the NFL football season is a week away.  Usually at this time of year, NFL fans are being treated to an abundance of coverage about the opening week of play and tips on how to draft a dominate fantasy football team.  Unfortunately this year much of the coverage has been on San Francisco 49’er player Colin Kaepernick and his refusal to stand during the National Anthem.  According to Kaepernick, the reason he has decided ...

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Target back steps

After losing $10,000,000,000 in Stock value. They have decided to undo the new bathroom policy and spend $20,000,000 to build a single user and lockable bathroom in their stores.

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