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What is hijrah?

A little insight into the big picture:
The answer is: HIJRAH. What is" HIJRAH?
"We understand far too little about Muslims leaving their homes. What is Hijrah? Obama is well educated in the Muslim religion since he studied it while living in Indonesia. He does not want this information to be spread all over the US because he wants us to be totally ignorant of what is really going on with the ISIL ...

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Andrew Breitbart was MURDERED

According to Voat.co Andrew Breitbart was murdered for investigating pizzagate.


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Coastal Courier Blog site

I have frequented this site for a number of years and after last November's election our participants seem to have diminished a good bit.

I know that my friends and I who participate as timeontarget have annoyed some bloggers with their habitual copy and paste.

When participating as timeontarget in the past there were some mostly from the left who indulged in personal insults directed at those whose opinions ...

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wonder what they expected from hilliary

Marc Mezvinsky closed the hedge fund he co-founded, Eaglevale Partners, shortly after his mother-in-law, Hillary Clinton, lost the presidential election to Donald Trump.

The New York City-based fund was shut down and money returned to investors in December, Bloomberg reported.

Eaglevale, which focused on Greeceā€™s economic recovery, was founded by former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. traders Bennett Grau, Mark Mallon, and Mezvinsky in 2011.

The company ...

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Dr. Lee-Most Investigated Administrator In LIberty

The Coastal Courier seems to go out of the way to investigate Dr. Lee. Why is Dr. Lee the only administrator in Liberty County to be called out and investigated on a routine basis? I've been informed by a reliable resource that most of the male administrators in Liberty County are known for questionable practices and that they have had law-suits filed against them too. To my knowledge- the Coastal Courier has never investigated them. ...

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