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Why an Appraisal is Necessary if shortchanged

You're cleaning your attic out, and you discover an old plastic doll. It simply goes into a bin of odds and ends that you're willing to sell at your next garage sale. A casual browser there pays the 50 cents that you ask for after noticing that it's a vintage Bild Lilli Hausser Barbie from the 50s. He then turns around and sells it to a collector for $3,000.

Since qualified art ...

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Hinesville drunkest city in Georgia

Just read an article on Facebook that listed Hinesville as the drunkest city in Georgia. Then saw a post by Gilliard that said if these figures are based on the number of times the police hide in bushes or trees and stop cars for dark tint, long dreads, gold teeth or spinners that lead to a DUI charge, he could see how Hinesville rated so high. The police don't hide. Dark tint is an equipment ...

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"Make America Great Again"

Donald Trump Is Cool With States Deciding on Weed Legalization
By Olivia Becker

October 30, 2015 | 1:35 pm

"Make America Great Again"

Part of Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" effort now includes letting states legalize weed if they choose to.

Trump expressed a more lenient position than he has in the past on the subject of pot ...

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Gold Mine to Commissioners, Shaft to Citizen's

I will keep this short and simple. The voters in Liberty County have lost their fire, are sitting on their laurels, and slipped silently back into the comfort of apathy and defeatism.

Two weeks before election day, and not one peep about defeating SPLOST!

Looks like you all are comfortable with these usurpers (Permanently Entrenched, Career Politicians) raising your property taxes, after you Defeated SPLOST. Now, they are going ...

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Window's 10

Just got this new window 10 forced up on me any advice? It seems to be one download after another!

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