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Should There Be Literacy Test B4 Voting?

I know this is from Fox News but I thought it was an interesting viewpoint. Should there be some kind of testing done to insure that you are an informed voter? I hear a lot of concern about an uninformed vote being considered as good as an informed vote. I contend that if you are not living in the right state your vote doesn't mean anything at all (for presidential elections). Truthfully, I can see ...

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Liberty Talks wants your SPLOST questions (Staff Blog)

Hello Courier bloggers! The Coastal Courier's news show "Liberty Talks" is looking for user submitted questions about SPLOST. The county is looking to add it to the election ballot this year and we want to hear what the community has to say. Questions like: "Does it raise my property tax?" or "Do I get to pick what they spend the SPLOST funds on?" are questions we're looking to ask Donald Lovette, chairman of the Liberty County ...

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Carson America!


This may surprise you.

Earlier this week I spoke at a large African-American convention in New York City organized by Rev. Al Sharpton. In the words of Bloomberg Politics, I had entered “hostile territory.”

But as Bloomberg reported afterwards, “the retired neurosurgeon and Republican didn’t shy away from his conservative positions.”

They are exactly right.

For ...

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19th Nervous Breakdown

Well, it is now OFFICIAL: Hillary has just a few hours ago announced her intent to seek the nomination for PRESIDENT of the United States in 2016.

So....It is NOW: GAME ON!!!

And in honor of this momentous event of finally breaking that last great glass ceiling I herby dedicate the following song by The Rolling Stones:


I sincerely hope all my ...

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The following piece written by Allen West is certainly true and the back and forth exchanges on this Courier blog sit are prime examples of the point West makes.

Allen West
11 hrs ·

One hundred and fifty years ago today America's Civil War ended with the surrender of the Confederacy at Appomattox Court House in Virginia.

However, 150 years later it seems ...

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