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I have just copied this and I think it is worth pondering./////////////////////////////////
This was posted for a bit this morning on the Drudge Report. timeontarget
FROM:Salon Media Group

Salon is a website created by David Talbot in 1995 and part of Salon Media Group. It focuses on U.S. politics and current affairs from a liberal perspective, and on reviews and articles about music, books and films. Wikipedia

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Vote Today!!! (Staff Blog)

I'm encouraging everyone to get out and vote today.  If you live in Long County I'm encouraging you to vote for those people who have your values, and the ability and fortitude to move Long County forward.I'm also urging voters to make changes on the Long County Commission.  And remember whether you vote Democrat or Republican today, in November you will be able to vote for either local candidate of your choice.Vote and encourage others ...

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Campaign Finance/Can he be bought?

Wow! Trump announces what he is willing to sacrifice to fund his campaign

Trump is willing to sacrifice his business to find his campaign.

Fox News reported: Donald Trump suggested Sunday that he might have to “sell a building” from his real estate empire to finance a general election run, amid reports that wealthy GOP donors won’t support his bid and Trump’s repeated vows that the donor class won’t ...

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Law Enforcement Officers Are Out of Control!

Let me first go on record and say that not all Officers are bad. However,it's hard to defend the decent officers when you see videos like this one.

The video is attached and a quiz for law enforcement officers. If you're an officer and you're not sure if you're a good or bad cop; take the quiz. If it turns out that you're a bad cop; do us a favor ...

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Buchanan / Latest

Who's the Conservative Heretic?
By Patrick J. Buchanan

Friday - May 20, 2017

In his coquettish refusal to accept the Donald, Paul Ryan says he cannot betray the conservative "principles" of the party of Abraham Lincoln, high among which is a devotion to free trade.

But when did free trade become dogma in the Party of Lincoln?

As early as 1832, young ...

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