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Trump's doing it diferently.

My Way

Trump's lean campaign structure breaks the mold
Aug 27, 4:50 AM (ET)

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Not only is Donald Trump an unconventional candidate, he's got a campaign operation that turns the conventional wisdom of electoral politics on its head.

While Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton boasts an army of more than 350 paid staffers, Trump's ...

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Town Hall with Mayoral Candidate Eason

Join mayoral candidate, Danny Eason and his wife, Jessie for a night of questions and answers.

This event will have a town hall type atmosphere with freedom to ask questions directly to the candidate, voice your hopes for Hinesville, and hear Danny’s detailed plan for growing Hinesville.

The event itself is free and open to the public however, food will be served at a cost of $15.00 a plate ...

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Trump continues to gain support.

Pro Polster Stunned, Says “My Legs Are Shaking” After Learning This About Trump

Pollster Frank Luntz and Donald Trump have never seen eye to eye on much. In fact, Luntz recently went on a f-bomb laced tirade against Trump in Politico and confronted him behind doors about his campaign, which Luntz thought made a mockery of the democratic process.

But now, Trump has even convinced Luntz. After a focus ...

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Anchor Babies Are Not American Citizens – Trump Will Test Legality Of Current Interpretation Of 14th Amendment
Rick Wells

A Tuesday Wall Street Journal article which proclaimed that following the “anti-immigrant” siren of Donald Trump would be disaster for the Republican Party is the loose framework for a Bill O’Reilly interview with the candidate.

Trump responds that we have to bring our country back; we’re ...

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I'm Sorry...

I attempt to not do a whole lot of cutting and pasting but I feel it is important to get the complete jist… With that said I continue to be frustrated with an administration that apologizes for activities that most developed nations perpetrate. The whole saving face thing is hollow attempts that really has no tangible outcome as even if we do say we are sorry; we don’t mean it… nor do any other ...

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