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GOP-Rich Kids Are Worth More Than Poor Kids

Update, Friday July 25: On Friday, the House passed Rep. Lynn Jenkins' (R-Ks.) child tax credit legislation, which would expand the credit for upper-middle class American families. The bill received the support of 212 Republican and 25 Democrats.

On Friday, the House will vote on a Republican bill that ignores an expiring tax credit for millions of low-income families, while handing one to better-off Americans.

The bill, introduced by ...

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Making it harder to vote in Long County?

Long County Commissioners recently laid out a plan to possibly change the locations of several voting precincts. The election supervisor said that consolidating Districts 3 and 7 is being looked into as is having one precinct at city hall (Coastal Courier).

District 3 commissioner Willie Thompson said he opposes this because he believes " Every District Should Have It's Own Precinct To Make It Easier for Its Voters". He also said " ...

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Fun facts

Here are some more fun facts on the worst economic president ever:

$17.3 Trillion:
The Current National Debt After Five Years Of State Of The Union Promises To Tackle The Problem. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 1/24/14)

$6.6 Trillion:
Added To The National Debt Despite Obama’s Declaration In His 2009 Address To Congress That He Didn’t Want To Leave “A Mountain Of Debt.” (U.S. Treasury Department, ...

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Dr. Carson/Costco

CARSON: Costco and the perils of mixing politics and business

Retailer pays a price for getting too close to Obama

Tough day for retailers today with both Costco and office supply store Staples taking it on the chin after reporting weak earnings results and worse than expected sales and margins. The triple-crown on lousy...

By Ben S. Carson

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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And I Digress...

Just another couple brilliant comments from the DEM camp...



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