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The Black Boogeyman in the White House

When I was a child my siblings would use a fear tactic called the (Boogeyman)to scare me. They would tell me stories about the Boogeyman at least once a day. After they scared me half to death, I would do what ever they wanted because I was afraid of the Boogeyman. My brother and sister had me convinced that the Boogeyman would come to my room in the middle of the night-snatch my heart or ...

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Shame on the Midway mayor

Hello fellow bloggers I have been out for some time. It is good to be back on the blogs. I love reading all the thoughts of the good citizens of Liberty County. Seriously I do enjoy these blogs as well as the paper. Just recently I read in the paper and see on the local news. Just recently I came across a story from the local news channel about the city of Midway shutting down ...

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The Intellectual Paucity of Polls

Once again, Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, then Polls.


Pollsters have tried for years to measure Obama's popularity in various ways, from rating how likable he is to how strong of a leader he is considered to whether people think he understands their problems. They even ask if people want to have a beer with him.
Whether he would lose in a rematch today with the guy who ...

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The Coming Republican Nightmare

No. The Nightmare is not the Tea Partiers hi-jacking the Republican Party and embracing aspects of National Socialism. Though, that truly would be nightmarish. It just ain't likely to happen. What is getting closer to becoming reality and a detriment to Republicans but a boon to the American public is one name: HILLARY.

Read 'em and weep boys! Read 'em and weep!!


And in case ...

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GOP-Rich Kids Are Worth More Than Poor Kids

Update, Friday July 25: On Friday, the House passed Rep. Lynn Jenkins' (R-Ks.) child tax credit legislation, which would expand the credit for upper-middle class American families. The bill received the support of 212 Republican and 25 Democrats.

On Friday, the House will vote on a Republican bill that ignores an expiring tax credit for millions of low-income families, while handing one to better-off Americans.

The bill, introduced by ...

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