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Stewart/Hunter Command Take Care Of Your Staff!

I was standing in line at Walmart last night and over heard a few people conversing about the conditions of the buildings on Stewart/Hunter. One person-- talked about how they have to keep their feet on the desk because of rats and the other person talked about unsanitary conditions. To make matters worse, they stated, there are new buildings on both installations that are empty but they refuse to let us transition into them. I ...

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WhyTrump Unfit to be POTUS

Not long ago, The Donald made his first policy speech, addressing his approach to National Security. Critics pointed out his remarks lacked specifics. There is certainly virtue in not revealing tactical plans, but the electorate also needs to understand what his policies are beyond mere platitudes.

Fortunately, more info is available on Trump's policies. Before his speech, a group of over 100 REPUBLICAN NATIONAL SECURITY leaders had assessed Trump's previous statements. These ...

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A Nation on the Brink

The winds of change seem to be upon us as Britain has made it clear the populous is tired of the “old guard”; our nation also seems to be on the brink as well. I find a great deal of irony here as we as a nation declared our independence from the British over 200 years ago and now it seems Britain is declaring its own independence from itself…

It comes down ...

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Trump's speech contains elements that can win

Has Trump Found the Formula?
By Patrick J. Buchanan
Friday - June 24, 2016

Stripped of its excesses, Donald Trump's Wednesday speech contains all the ingredients of a campaign that can defeat Hillary Clinton this fall.

Indeed, after the speech ended Clinton was suddenly defending the Clinton Foundation against the charge that it is a front for a racket for her family's enrichment.

The ...

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After Orlando

The kind of country we want to be

It did not take long for President Barack Obama to inject a plea for more gun control in his reaction to the Orlando terror massacre. In his five-minute, no-questions-taken-statement, Obama said: "Today marks the most deadly shooting in American history. The shooter was apparently armed with a handgun and a powerful assault rifle. This massacre is therefore a further reminder of how ...

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