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GA Rep Buddy Carter-Called Out On Trump care Lies!

EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO! It affects everyone in Hinesville because he represents this area, your healthcare, your parent's healthcare, your neighbors healthcare, your church members healthcare and etc... Wake up Georgia. We're in this together.

Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) probably wished he was better prepared for his Sunday MSNBC interview about Republican plans to reform health care after host Joy-Ann Reid’s questioning left him stuttering and unable to present a credible ...

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Democrats bought into the BIG LIE

Will Russiagate Backfire on the Left?
By Patrick J. Buchanan

Tuesday - March 21, 2017

The big losers of the Russian hacking scandal may yet be those who invested all their capital in a script that turned out to based on a fairy tale.

In Monday's Intelligence Committee hearings, James Comey did confirm that his FBI has found nothing to support President Trump's tweet ...

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Trump Lies Matter !!!

Remember when Trump said he wasn't going to take a salary? He just accepted his second paycheck.
Remember when he said Mexico was going to pay for the wall? He has asked Congress to appropriate the $25 billion of taxpayer money to cover costs.
Remember when he said he wasn't going to go on vacation or play golf? 5 of the last 7 weekends he went on vacation and played golf, costing taxpayers ...

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62 and Counting...


Interesting stuff here that can be looked at from both points of view. What I do see is a lot of redundancy and monies for specific regions. It also appears to me that a lot of these programs should be administered at State level and integrated into their own perspective budgets. The elephant in the room is:

"lacks evidence that it is being effectively implemented."

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Trump Says The Hell With Meals On Wheels!

I've spent the majority of my youth watching my parents distribute meals on wheels to the elderly in the community. There are people who need this service to maintain their health and well being. Donald Trump has no social conscience or empathy. He wants to eliminate social programs designed to assist the people who need help.

According to Meals on Wheels, roughly one in six senior citizens ...

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