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What was the Real Purpose of the Tower of Babel?

The biblical account of the Tower of Babel can be read in Genesis the 11th chapter beginning with the first verse and going down to verse nine. One erroneous supposition that I have heard many times is that the purpose of building the Tower of Babel was for man to build a tower that would reach all the way up to heaven.

This is true in a sense but it is not ...

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The Gospel of Christ in the Book of Nehemiah

The book of Nehemiah is a remarkable look at the restoring work of Jesus Christ, and his gospel. Jesus is found throughout all of the books of the Bible, he is in every verse and every chapter of the Old Testament.

Jesus told the Pharisees to; "Search the Scriptures," he said that, "In them you think you have eternal life but these of those which testify of me."

In ...

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Differences between Apostles Peter and John

Personalities of the Apostle Peter and John
When we look at the personalities of the apostle Peter and of the apostle John we find that they were two very different men. Their orientation towards life was very different, and the Lord used them in different ways.
I find it interesting that the Lord still used them although they were so unlike each other. Each had a place and a part in the work ...

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Why Did Ahithophel Betray David?

One incident recorded in the life of David is found in the book of second Samuel. I will discuss events of the rebellion of Ahithophel and Absalom in this post.

Ahithophel who had been David's counselor and right hand man for many many years very quickly betrayed him and even counseled Absalom against David when he overthrew the kingdom

Ahithophel had been David's chief counselor for many years so ...

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God can save you from Pharoah

Exodus is the story of the deliverance of God's people from the bondage of the Egyptians and in this chapter they finally come out of Egypt.

God dealt with the King of Egypt during this time to release his people from bondage. Naturally the king didn't want to do so because this was a source of free labor for him. God uses a series of plagues which got tougher and tougher as ...

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