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If thry Right Hand Offend Thee

I would like to look at a passage of scripture here which has been misinterpreted since the beginning. Many people have based their actions on their misunderstanding of this scripture, and their understanding is not correct because it is not taken within the right context of the scripture.

I want you to look at this passage keeping two things in mind. The first thing that I want you to remember is that ...

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Why did God Create Time?

It is very interesting to me that God created time before he created man. This brings about the question in my mind of why did he feel it was necessary to create a thing called time?

God himself resides in the heavens where there is no time. This is why we will never age once we enter into eternity. We will live in the present forever. There is no decay or corruption ...

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My love and hate relationship with religion

I grew up as an anxious young man. I worried about all the things young men worry about and more. My mother and father were young parents and took really good care of me and my sisters. I love my mom and dad so much for the love they gave me and my sisters. My mom testifies that she first re entered church because of me and my sisters. She was a young parent and ...

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The Hidden Manna and the White Stone

Manna was given to nourish God’s people as they made their wilderness journey.

Manna is scattered along our way to bless us on our life journey through this world which is not our home. His word will lead us around trouble…

The word of God says in Exodus chapter 16, verses 15-21:
15And when the children of Israel saw it, they said one to another, It is manna: ...

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Watch Me as I Go Up

Jesus deals with the Pharisees again in Matthew chapter sixteen much to his displeasure. The Pharisees knew of the mighty works that he did yet they opposed him at every turn. These men to whom the gospel was first presented had no knowledge of his coming when he came even though it was foretold.

I ask the question of why was it so hard for them to receive from him when he ...

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