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Alternative Therapies For Hearing Loss

Aging is the most common cause of hearing loss, but the degree of deficiency varies greatly from person to person and affects men more than women. Presbycusis, a type of sensory neural hearing loss that is particularly prevalent in the elderly, is due to deterioration of the tiny hair cells that line the cochlea in the inner ear. These cells send electrical sound impulses to the part of the brain where sounds are received and ...

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For Ginko: Watch this....

Thought I would take my cue from a blogger to show how some things go on these pages.

I am taking a survey. Please answer yes or no.

Should mental health issues, such as depression, be talked about or should such issues be best kept silent?

Yes: talked about. No: kept silent.

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Cigarette Smokers

I'm trying to quit. Is there anyone else out there that wants to quit with me? I'm down to 15 cigarettes a day! I need support, will you join me? Let's kick the butts! Only serious people need to respond to this blog....

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Just Informing the Public


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Poor Hospital Management and Its Impact on Georgia

Any operation or organization running out of Georgia -- and out of Stewart, Hinesville, or Ludowici specifically -- is only going to be as successful and effective as its upper level management can make it -- good top down leadership determines overall success, whether you are talking about a military leader, a political figure, or the managerial staff of a hospital. The lessons and pitfalls are all the same, even if the titles and duties ...

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