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UnitedHealth vs Obamacare

One of the countries largest health insurance companies, UnitedHeath, has announced that it is looking at discontinuing services under Obamacare. It would force more than 500,000 people into scrambling to find other means of obtaining the health care now required under the law. UnitedHealth states they maybe forced into this action due to healthy people dis-enrolling and spiraling healthcare costs. UnitedHealth is currently one of the lowest costs health insurances available to the public. This ...

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Hinesville Honey Helping Breast Cancer Fight

My name is Olivia Rozier and I have deep roots in Liberty County. I graduated from Bradwell Institute in 1991 and spent most of years in Hinesville off and on. I have the great pleasure of participating in the American Cancer Society Making Strides against breast cancer walk on the 25 October 2015in Memphis, TN. I raised $450 out of $500 with $225 in matching gifts. I need my hometown help for this event. Please ...

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Obama Orders Sick Leave for Contractors

Today Obama signed an executive order requiring government contractors to give one hour of sick leave for every thirty hours worked which is scheduled to begin in 2017. This January, Obama issued a presidential memorandum directing the government to advance up to six weeks of paid sick leave for the birth or adoption of a child, or for other sick leave needs. Obama stated the US is the only leading nation which ...

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HOPE for Alzheimer's

Today, more than 5 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease, which is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. Currently, research is being conducted in 60 countries, and researchers are optimistic. However, until a cure is found, families living with Alzheimer’s disease need help with this journey, and believe me, it is a journey. A long journey.
There is a Bill in the legislature called HOPE (HB 1559 - Health Outcomes Planning ...

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Blue Moon Songs

This is for Friday....









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