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46%America Has High Blood Pressure-New Guide Lines

Nearly half of Americans now have high blood pressure, based on new guidelines

(CNN)Tens of millions more Americans now have high blood pressure. Almost half of all Americans -- 46% -- are now considered to be in the high blood pressure category based on new guidelines released Monday.

High blood pressure should be treated at 130/80 rather than 140/90, according to the new parameters set forth by the ...

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

We often hear the clinical terms used by doctors and other professionals to identify the symptoms of mental illnesses…but if someone hasn’t gone through it, would they know how to recognize it?

So often, clinical terms don’t do justice to what life with a mental illness feels like. We know that two people with the same diagnosis can experience the same symptom and describe it in very different ways. Understanding the signs ...

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Avoiding sudden death because of stress

Till now, we have been looking at different ways to get rid of stress because it makes us feel uncomfortable. However, not many people know that stress has the possibility of leading us to death.

So, we need an entirely different thought process now to tackle stress and make sure that we do not find ourselves anytime in this person. To help you, in this case, we have noted some important points ...

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Deaths of Despair’ Surge Among White Working Class

This article is meant to educate--not trigger negative emotions. Don't discount the story because the focus is on the death despair of white Americans.

Deaths of Despair’ Are Surging Among the White Working Class and it's scary. The sad part is the very people that are dying are fighting against their best interest. The ACA provides a safety net for millions. of men, women and children, and could have been more beneficial ...

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7 Things That Might Happen

7 Things That Might Happen If You Drink a Glass of Water First Thing in the Morning Yes, before coffee.

Your normal a.m. routine goes something like this: Wake up, check Instagram, make a beeline to your coffee machine. But starting your day with a glass of water instead actually has tons of good-for-you health benefits. (Don’t worry, you can still get your caffeine fix immediately after.)

1. It ...

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