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In Case You Missed It....

.....here's more humor from The Dark Side:

*CBS Houston reports that Tactical Firearms in Katy, Texas, "has put up a new sign that is grabbing people's attention." A picture is worth a thousand words. See insert at left and the link below:


*FLASH: Researchers have just discovered the fossil remains of a creature that stalked the earth 600 million years ago. They have dubbed it ...

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In Case You Missed It…..

....more humor and irony from The Dark Side:

*Liberal organization honors Bush The Elder for breaking “no new taxes” promise, which opened the door for Bill Clinton’s election in 1992:


Understandably, they framed their basis for the award on Bush’s “courage” in working with his opposition for the betterment of the country as a whole. I wonder what award they’ll give Obama?

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Funnies (Perhaps)

In case you missed these from the past few weeks:





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If Jesus Was A Democrat

I stole the media graphic at left from another blog. Obviously, it is an attempt to portray Jesus in a warped and twisted way as A Republican That Democrats Love To Hate. But it got me to thinking, and what I came up with was an inspiration to meet silly satire with silly satire. If we have a Republican Jesus, then we have to have a Democrat Jesus, right?

So with tongue ...

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Taxed Enough Already? This Man Thinks He Is!

I try to keep up with the local news from my original hometown of Chicago, Illinois - The Home Of the Bears. This solid blue city and state are among the highest taxers in the nation. One man got fed up with it the other day and let his feelings be known at a local convenience store. Perhaps he's now spending time in the hoosegow thinking that he'd be better off joining the Tea Party ...

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