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I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it anymore

Black America is wrong to blame white racism for woes

By L. Todd Wood

I know of no white person alive today in the United States who has ever legally owned a black slave, or any slave for that matter. Almost 700,000 mostly white men died 160 years ago to end slavery. Jim Crow ended generations ago. Yet black America, for the most part, is ...

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I'm sorry! Really?

We just witnessed a mass killing by a Democrat that supported Hillary Clinton and then this business owner posts online how he praises Vegas shooting:


Now, he's being humble, I didn't really mean it.


It's sad but, this is "Our America."

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A Guide to Energy-Efficient Home Flooring Solution

More and more people today choose to be energy efficient because they don’t only want to save money on electricity and gas, but they also want to protect our planet. There are a few things you can do to save energy in your home, such as double-glazing your windows and putting up good insulation, but you can also consider some energy-efficient flooring solutions. Here’s a little guide on the best floor materials, techniques and floor ...

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The Biblical Significance of Number Five

Five is God's number of grace and it pertains to his dealings with men in the earth. Five follows a spiritual progression from the meanings of numbers one through four.

One; is the number of God from which all things come. Two; represents act of bringing forth the Son (the second person of the trinity) to accomplish salvation. Remember that God will always bring forth another when there is a work to ...

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Peyton Place

Some person considers "Sound Off" as drama AKA "Peyton Place" and I agree. We all read it everytime the paper comes out, God knows I'm guilty. Every time I read about how racist President Trump is I laugh my Ossoff. Democrats are now on the losing end, unemployment is @ a 17 year low for the first time in decades. Most Democrats under Obama are coming under criminal investigations. Life in the USA is becoming ...

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