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Everybody has a Look a Like in Life?

I went to the post office in Ludowici several months ago and ran into a young woman with large framed brown sunglasses on, she turned white as a sheet on me, she started telling me how I look just like her mother that had just passed away. I was speechless, I think I ran into this young lady again today without the sunglasses? I came home and kelp her image in my head,if it was ...

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All Criminals Weren't Raised In Bad Enviroment

Some of you need a wake up call. The first thing people assume when a child is in trouble- the child hasn't be raised in a good environment. Parent's can do all they can but how children turn out isn't always the parents fault.

This narrative of troubled child-troubled home is old and should be a dead talking point. Yes, I admit that home life plays a role in the child's success ...

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Benjamin Solomon Carson

Ben Carson went on the view and explained himself to the women on the view. The only thing that really matters about a President for the United States is that he or she is a leader that facilitates the needs of Americans, not their personal, political Democrat or Republican ideologies and Ben Carson is the epitome of that. This man is breath of fresh air and answered all questions with respect, insight and clarity. Please ...

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Tommy Sotomayor on Chicago

Tommy is from Chicago and is right there in the bowels of this city telling his story in real time. This isn't Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times or even the Huffington Post, this is reality coming from a an of color spreading a truthful word to us all. A Concrete Jungle, will you look , listen and learn?


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Aborting The Child -You May Be Aborting Gods Plan.

This morning as I laid in bed praying a message dropped in my spirit straight from heaven. The message went like this-- When A Mother Aborts A Child she could be aborting God's plan for the world.

This is the vision,

What if the life that was aborted or the one you're thinking of aborting was destined to:

Discover a cure for cancer, Become a Teacher ...

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