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Why Are Poor White Voters So Angry?”

Why are conservatives and poor White voters so angry?
Jonna Ivin, Founder of STIR Journal believes part of the reason why they're so mad revolves around there always being an "enemy out there that the poor Whites are being told is 'coming to take something from you.'"

Ivin joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the premise of her article and explained she wrote the piece to examine: “Why do ...

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The Oscars and the Great White Hope

Can anyone please enlighten me regarding the blatant sub theme to the Oscars? Once again Hollywood is pandering to the flavor of the week as actors knew racism would overshadow the event. Chris Rock made sure to get as much digs as possible and left no doubt that in his opinion Hollywood is racist. Other actors made the semblance of agreeing with the sentiment and at times just made themselves look like fools and for ...

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The Fall of Peyton Manning-Great American Thug

Court document reveals allegations, details of alleged sexual assault involving Peyton Manning.

The New York Daily News released a 74-page document Saturday from a defamation suit levied against Peyton and Archie Manning in 2001 that includes several allegations of an incident between Peyton Manning and a female member of the University of Tennessee’s training staff in 1996.


While the previously reported ...

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Poll Shows GOP is the Party Christain Values (Staff Blog)

      On December 20th I was looking at the Sunday/Comics page of the Coastal Courier.  In this edition a recent Gallop poll was shown citing the Top Ten Most Religious States in the U.S.  All who hail from Georgia can take a little pride, because our state made the list as the sixth most religious state.  For those who are curious Mississippi was at the top of the list, having 61% of its people defining ...

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Why Millennials Prefer Buying Online

There's no question about it: the Internet has profoundly changed the way we all do business. Many of us are especially interested in appealing to younger customers such as Millennials, and for this segment, embracing the online shopping aspect of your business is especially important.

In this post, we'll go over some of the benefits of online shopping when it comes to attracting young people, as well as the importance of coupons ...

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