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Do whites get away with crime?

White people can get away with crimes that would land a black person behind bars — or worse. That’s the premise behind Twitter’s top trending hashtag #crimingwhilewhite, where white people acknowledge disparities between their interactions with police and people of color.

The hashtag sprung up as a digital protest hours after a New York grand jury decided Wednesday to not prosecute a white police officer for the choking death of unarmed black ...

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Take a look in the MIRROR "Black People"

I posted a blog with Reverend Jonathan Gentry explaining his personal experience and how a conservative lifestyle leads to more prosperous life and less heartache overall. This is particularly true and is supported by empirical evidence, however a host of people on the progressive agenda "Liberals" are sympathetic and misinformed on what blacks really need to do in this great country to prosper and that's to take more personal responsibility for themselves. I've attempted to ...

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Some deep Friday thoughts

I am pasting a reblog from another website www.john3corrigan.com
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We all have our ways to do it
Posted: September 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Life. We all have our ways of living it don’t we? We approach it with a wonderful uniqueness that makes the world this diverse beautiful tapestry. I love seeing all the different cultures and approaches to life. When life is respected and ...

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Winning the Race:Beyond crisis in Black America

John Mcwhorter is a Senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute, philosopher with extensive knowledge and experiences with black culture. In this video he explains the main problems that are stagnating Black Americans. What he has learned and will articulate is identical to what I've been presenting; however he is much smarter and knows how to articulate it in a manner for all to understand. Cornell West has acknowledged recently that our culture is in turmoil ...

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A Mother’s White Privilege-Written by a White Mom

To admit white privilege is to admit a stake, however small, in ongoing injustice. It’s to see a world different than your previous perception. Acknowledging that your own group enjoys social and economic benefits of systemic racism is frightening and uncomfortable. It leads to hard questions of conscience may of us aren’t prepared to face. There is substantial anger: at oneself, at the systems of oppression, and mostly at the bearer of bad news, a ...

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