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Peyton Place

Some person considers "Sound Off" as drama AKA "Peyton Place" and I agree. We all read it everytime the paper comes out, God knows I'm guilty. Every time I read about how racist President Trump is I laugh my Ossoff. Democrats are now on the losing end, unemployment is @ a 17 year low for the first time in decades. Most Democrats under Obama are coming under criminal investigations. Life in the USA is becoming ...

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Last comment by Sheran 4 hours, 31 minutes ago
Self-Imposed Segregation???

Can anyone please educate me and explain how this improves racial tensions and celebrating diversity? The Last time I checked diversity was about inclusiveness and this is way off the mark. This seems to me to be a form of self-imposed segregation that is a huge step backward. Thoughts...


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Differences in School Between 1950-2017

I have committed the dreaded cut and paste again...in the interest of eliciting your additions to your take on the differences from yesteryear to "Modern Day" I did add a couple of my own assertions but am interested in my fellow blogger's input.

8 Differences Between the 1950's and 2017
Scenario 1
Jack goes quail hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotgun in gun rack.

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Rumor Has It

Georgia DOT posted "The CHAMPS Program" is coming to Hinesville but Hinesville has no ruled Interstate in this district?

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Last comment by Sheran 2 months, 3 weeks ago
Pizza Gate

Start educating yourself on Pizza Gate. It's here, look at all the sex offenders getting busted. I've read where 30 congress people along with 40 people from Virginia are next.




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