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Bakers ruined for refusing same sex couple.


Exclusive: Bakers Facing $135K Fine Over Wedding Cake for Same-Sex Couple Speak Out

Kelsey Harkness / @kelseyjharkness / April 27, 2015 / 601 comments 436 4.5k

It was the first time seeing her bakery since the new owners moved in.

“This is really hard,” Melissa Klein said, tears filling up her eyes.

Almost two years ago, Melissa ...

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Last updated 2 weeks, 6 days ago.
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Last comment by JimmyMackIII 1 week, 6 days ago
White supremacist gang-headed meth operations

A meth trafficking ring with ties to the Aryan Brotherhood that operated in Chatham, Effingham and elsewhere has been dismantled.
Nearly 50 people have been arrested or are currently wanted following a lengthy investigation conducted by the Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team (CNT).


In October 2013, CNT, in a partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration Savannah, began investigating multiple people believed to ...

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420 (cannabis culture)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Statue of Louis Pasteur, at San Rafael High School, which is said to be the site of the original 4:20 gatherings.

Observed by
Cannabis counterculture, legal reformers, entheogenic spiritualists

April 20

Next time
20 April 2016


420, 4:20, or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) is ...

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Last comment by timeontarget 1 month ago
Cracking Down on Welfare Fraud!

It's about time! If I work and can't afford a cruise, my tax dollars damn sure shouldn't pay for a free loader to be able too. This is what's wrong with our country! Prisoner have more rights, lazy people get more time to visit and do as they will.... The whole time it's us the tax payers busting our assets to put a meal on the table and "Dream of Saving for that Vacation".

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Last comment by Sheran 1 month, 1 week ago
The Good Ole Day's ....

I miss the old days. I miss Saturday's the most. I will never forget the songs my mother played while my sister and I did our weekend chores. She had a song for every situation and a story to tell before and after the songs played.

My mother is still alive and well. My parents hug and dance to one of their favorite songs every night before bed. My mother says dancing ...

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