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The mosquito man article

There was a really good article in the Coastal Courier that explained in detail what the mosquito man does in Hinesville GA. I really enjoyed this article and I noticed that it was part of a bigger series of looking at public safety issues through the eyes of public workers. Might I suggest simply highlighting all the public positions in Hinesville GA? See the city is a living breathing thing and it takes a staff ...

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Choosing the Best Company for Club Flyer Printing

There are several companies that offer club flyer printing services that you can choose from whenever you are in need of the solutions. However, it should be noted that only a few of these companies are always able to offer the best services that can fit your personal needs. Most people have often been misdirected by the advertisements that are posted on the media by the companies.


It ...

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The Shark Tank Generation

Since its premier in 2009, Shark Tank has been a smash hit reality series because of its ability to make viewers feel like they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. After airing over 130 episodes, one trend is clear: entrepreneurs are creating products and services that are customizable. The reason for this is solely based on the wants and needs of consumers – not the other way around. Here are three companies that ...

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If this practice is our new normal which has been brought about by our ever increasing acceptance of more and more tolerance of liberalism in all areas of life then I believe it is time for us all to put our foot down and declare that we have had enough of this sickness in our midst.


‘A New ...

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Canoochee Electric

I had a neighbor call me about "Smart Meters".It was a insert in our bill, I didn't read mine! Canoochee Electric are wanting to install these for their customers. This is what I found and want to share with you! I don't want one!


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