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More Banker Deaths??????????

It’s become a health hazard to be a banker. What evil lurks beneath the pile of bodies?

In growing numbers, the bodies of bankers are piling up in the streets — at least eight global financial types in recent weeks (and five others in the past year).

And a financial reporter for The Wall Street Journal walked out of his house and mysteriously hasn’t been seen or heard from ...

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Bye Bye Deficit; Hello jobs

I have long touted that the war on drugs was lost. The billions, even trillions of money taken in by the Drug Cartels just on Marijuana alone are staggering even in the face of a massive amount of US dollars utilized to combat the influx of the weed. Prohibition did not work and America repealed the law to allow consumption of alcohol. I have never advocated the use of any intoxicants. I have, however, realized ...

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Walmart collecting food donations - feed employees

Organized labor, protesting workers and other activist groups have been saying for years that low-wage Walmart employees can’t afford to meet basic needs like food. Now, one Cleveland, Ohio, location is doing something about it: soliciting food donations from other workers.

In an employees-only section of the store, management has placed two bins underneath a sign reading, “Please donate food items here so Associates in Need can enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner,” local paperThe ...

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Airlines make a killing on fees

First, the banks and credit card companies sought to recoup the losses they made themselves by ramping up fees and inventing new ones.

The airlines, crying over fuel prices and maintenance costs, instituted fees for baggage and other things to recoup the costs. NBC news reported last evening that the industry made $29 Billion (that's B for Billion) from the added fees. That implies that they made that much profit over and ...

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New income Gap Reports-Rich Getting Richer

Tax rates are at the lowest rates in 60 years. Company stock shoots up when people get laid off.

Now we find that the richest Americans – a tiny sliver of the country’s population – are literally getting all the benefits of the recovery.

Since 2009, 95% of the total gain in income went to the top 1% of wage earners in America. Only 4% went to the rest ...

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