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The Five Most Expensive Properties in the World

When it comes to property, there are different kinds. Be it commercial property or residential property, all properties boast of an array of amenities and features that make them particularly attractive to those looking for an ideal property investment. If you have the cash – and you’re up for it – you can definitely benefit from an expensive property that’s an honour to own. But even if you don’t have the cash, it’s still interesting ...

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Public/Private Partnerships in Liberty County

It is important to broach this subject because of recent events in Hinesville. We just celebrated the grand opening of arguably Hineville's largest commercial development in it's history. Oglethorpe Square is finally here. If the trade port developments had not been previously built I would say it is the largest in the history of the county. I can't recall excitement greater for a planned development in Liberty County. Our locals officials gathered around to pat ...

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GDOT- State Funded Projects-Register Today!

Are you Interested in Learning about State Funded Projects or Becoming a Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) with The Georgia Department of Transportation?

When Thursday January 26, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST

Where GDOT District 5- Jesup Office 204 N. Highway 301 Jesup, GA 31596


Meet the GDOT District Engineer Team

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Pro Business // Pro Government

President Obama is departing the Whitehouse in a few days and Donald Trump will become President Trump. These two men represent two distinctly different strains of thought regarding the management of this place we call THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

President Obama rose to this the highest office in a brief political career from community organizer thru a brief stint in the Senate to President. We really don't know a whole lot ...

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2011 video: Trump works as bellhop, dog walker,

2011 video: Trump works as bellhop, dog walker, bathroom cleaner in his hotel

"Am I allowed to accept tips?"

Let's not pretend this is anything more than what it is. It's staged, of course, and it's anyone's guess how many takes they had to shoot to get the footage they used.

It was also five years ago, which means Trump wasn't doing it as ...

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