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$43 million of tax dollars put in Trumps golfing

Is this what our leader is suppose to do spend millions of our tax dollars so he can golf on his own properties??? And this is just his first year in office. If he's going to spend that much of our tax money for his enjoyment we at least should demand he spread our tax dollars to other businesses in the golfing business.


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GDOT-FREE DBE Certification Workshop -Hinesville!

The Georgia Department of Transportation and DBE Supportive Services would like to invite you to an Upcoming Session in Hinesville. If you are interested in becoming certified, currently certified or would like to learn more about the program; please, join us. GDOT is charged with managing the Federal Government’s DBE program for the entire State of Georgia.

Important Note. If your firm has worked with the City of Savannah in the past ...

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GDOT DBE Session In Hinesville-Today! FREE Worksh

Georgia Department of Transportation will co-facilitate a contractors workshop for the Liberty County Minority Chamber today in Hinesville.

Information below.

The session will provide Disadvantage Business interested in becoming a certified Disadvantage Business Enterprise(DBE) or DBE's that need a refresher course with an opportunity to meet greet, learn and network today in HINESVILLE!

Covering the following topics:

How to be Certified ...

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Holding Our Elected Officals Accountable

I am specifically referring to our district elected council members.

I realized this morning that at least two of our five district city council members DO NOT HAVE contact info at the city's internet site for council representatives and I want to know why not?

So I have posed the below info to citizens of the city of Hinesville to ask them a couple questions.

POSE ...

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Get Involved With Your Cities Business

Just as any business is no matter if in government, or a business one owns in any city or town, the success of such business depends on the leaders and its employees and how they interact with each other to be successful at every level.

With that being said let's look at government such let's say city business. Certain positions are filled for paid employees who help things run smoothly on or ...

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