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The following text is from a friend [name omitted] who lives in Coral Springs, Broward County - infamous home of the latest mass shooting. The text of the following paragraph is a report from a someone that he knows personally. I am deliberately omitting the names to protect the individual who passed this information to me and the source of his information.

A lady [name omitted] that my friend knows personally worked at Deerfield Beach Middle School. Her position was Data Input Operator. Many times she was given disciplinary reports and was told not to input the reports, but to just file them. The reason she was given for this was because putting these records into the report would affect their funding. She input the records because if they were filed and there was ever an investigation she would be the one in trouble for negligence. The school hierarchy would never have backed her. This was a complaint by a large majority of the Data Operators.


Here’s the original article which broke this story: https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/ 2018/02/26/jack-cashill- incompetence-wasnt-the- problem-in-broward-county/

The issues raised here are INCREDIBLY disturbing. In a nutshell, Broward County law enforcement agencies and the Broward school district conspired to lower juvenile arrests at the schools in order to get more state and federal money. This has its origins in the Obama-era “Promise Program,” put into place by then-Attorney General Eric Holder. [Oh, and School Superintendent Robert Runcie is – surprise, surprise, surprise! – a Chicago transplant]. Under this program, schools were AND STILL ARE paid to lower crime stats on their property, which initially meant ignoring minor, and then major crimes (as in assaults and felonies). Sheriff Israel and Superintendent Runcie’s implementation of the Broward Promise Program was easy; just stop arresting students and the statistics would be great. As the statistics improve so too does the financial reward from federal grant monies. The fact that Nikolas Cruz was able to exit high school without a police record (which would have prevented him from legally acquiring firearms!!!!), then began amassing weapons, and eventually became a school shooter killing 17 students and staff, is an outcome of strategic policy, not incompetence or even cowardice.

To make matters worse (as if this wasn’t bad enough), South Florida’s gangs quickly caught on to the scheme and began using high school students to commit more of their crimes. They also began planning their biggest, most important activities later in the month, later in the quarter, and at times when schools were collecting their data for reporting. In this way, the gangs could take advantage of committing their crimes at the time when the police would be most likely to give their high school aged members a pass.

This is still going on – and not just in Broward. The Promise Program is nationwide…so expect more “surprise” at how the next mass murderer, and the next, and the next, “slipped through the system” or some such other pablum. This story is about WAY more than what happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida – it is about HOW GOVERNMENT ON ALL LEVELS HAS UTTERLY FAILED THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY, AND DONE SO IN THE NAME OF IDEOLOGY.

…and yet the Left, which promoted the restriction of police activity with financial incentives (a.k.a. bribes), is blaming the NRA and trying to take away lawfully-acquired firearms from law-abiding citizens who were in no way whatsoever to blame for the horrific tragedy in Parkland! I’m no longer surprised by this, just more disgusted than usual – and more firm in my opposition to gun control than ever.

***PASS THIS ON – all of the facts in this matter need to be disseminated far and wide, since facts of this sort will not be broadcast by the mainstream news media.***

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