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You Don't Have A Pot To Piss In Or Window To Throw
Last comment by HMJC 1 week ago.

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I remember the old folks saying " You don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out!" Reminds me of poor folks in the dirty south voting against their best interest.

Let’s not forget how/why the tax bill was passed. Wealthy GOP donors made clear to the powers that be in Congress: pass a bill that gives us a return on the investment we made in your campaigns or WE’LL CUT YOU OFF. The wealthy got the bakery. The rest got crumbs or TAX HIKES.

A person I know stated that they saw a whole $25 per month more. It isn't equivalent to what the millionaires and billionaires will additionally receive. And no they don't deserve it.

As for me and corporate welfare. I'm also against that. I stood by Delta because GA Republicans singled them out for not supporting their political views. If they would have cut Delta, American Airlines,--other carriers- I would have been on board but to single out one airline because of their political views; not how America is built.

The Real Truth!

People are upset at utility prices, lack of infrastructure, worry about their children, aging parents, healthcare. gas is still over $2.This tax scam means nothing to everyday people.They are tired of the circus.

1. In case you haven’t noticed since this so-called tax cut passed the price of gasoline and milk have gone up

2. Before spending that new tax bill money on an extra tank of gas, be sure to check out the IRS 2018 tax calculator to see how the changes will impact your refund next year. Of course, that may only add to your level of disappointment.


3. Before the folks in Liberty County yell how the tax bill is benefiting them-I'd like to see enlarged copies of their actual before-and-after check stubs, for those of you who know the truth mount that crap on protest signs, with $1.50 (or whatever figure applies) to GOP campaign rallies.

Blue-Collar Trump Voters Are Shrugging at Their Tax Cuts https://nyti.ms/2D7d2TU

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gacpl commented on Monday, Mar 12, 2018 at 17:26 PM

well to those of us that do really work, it is worth something.

HMJC commented on Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018 at 16:28 PM

Out of curiosity, what are your expectations as far as the tax bill monetary compensation us Joe Blows should receive?.

Everyone seems to be concerned with Big Money making more money; Why? because for some reason John "Q" Liberal seems to think that we should receive thousands in tax breaks that do not commiserate with our earnings.

That's the key word, earnings; the more money you make the bigger the tax break. Easy math in my book. This tax plan is more about getting people quality jobs that an additional $25 dollars a month.

Everyone is so eager to lambaste any progress that doesn't directly benefit themselves. Any legislation regardless of any good merits is still going to have a percentage of groups that are naysayers.

Ben Franklin stated things pretty clearly decades ago:

The needs of the few do not outweigh the needs of the many.

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