The Art of the Conversation
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The “Art of Starting a Conversation”

If you ponder this for a minute, this is the cornerstone of change. I am talking about the “hard” conversations, the uncomfortable topics, the ones that need to be had…

So, let’s have a conversation about the conversations President Trump has initiated since his Presidency began; the conversations that has put Congress, our Country, and the World on notice and has forced them to at the very least have to consider alternatives to the status quo.

Illegal Immigration: From day one, it has significantly dropped and at this point without even building a wall; it is down 60%!!! ICE has been empowered to do their job as opposed to being directed by a previous weak administration to “lay off” and “let it work itself out”… The wall may never be built however; the conversation has already started achieving the desired effect.

The Iran Nuclear Deal: It is no secret that this was a “Bad Deal” from its inception. It was founded in concessions that primarily benefited Iran and has enabled them to increase their sphere of sponsored terrorism though out the world. They continue to skirt the requirements and stipulations while mocking America at every turn. This coupled with an illusion that the activities it was designed to curtail are in compliance is at best a wild guess. Trump not certifying the deal and pushing it back to Congress was genius; this forces them to have the conversation that is not open ended. This forces them to provide their recommendations and the thought process behind determining their consensus. The true irony here is that Congress was up in arms that they were not an integral part of the negotiations for the initial “deal”; now they have that opportunity and me thinks they are scared sh**less because now they are on the bubble and have no choice but to recommend something.

The Tax Plan: Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My” The rich are getting richer and is bad for the rest of Americans. Pish Posh… The minute it was signed, major corporations responded in kind. Walmart, raised minimum wage by a dollar for all US based stores. Home Depot, bonuses to all US stores, Chrysler is in the works to increase production in US factories. If anyone thinks Trump had not already greased the wheels with corporate America you are naive at best. This tax plan has made it possible for corporations to be able to afford to work in America and will create good jobs, not service industry minimum wage jobs; jobs that afford more Americans to achieve their piece of the American Dream.

North Korea: For those of you that have not perused the news today; Trump has stated that he will meet with Kim Il Jong. I called this a long time ago; the only way to get Kim to the table was to bring things to a flash point. We were never going to go to war with North Korea however; the perception that the US was not going to balk and continue to pursue sanctions that have accomplished nothing but further impoverishing the North Korean people. Conversely; this was the first time in decades there was a sitting president that made it clear that if a red line is crossed; there would be grave consequences that were more than words and strategic patience. The Bottom Line, Korea and the World do not want to call Trumps Bluff because for the first time in 8 years; if America says we will act, we will. Case in point Syria, we bombed the hell out of the airbase the chemical attack originated from; the red line was crossed and we responded in kind. Things like this erase doubt that we are more about words than actions.

NAFTA and Tariffs: NAFTA was another fiasco from the get go; once again, another “deal” that was no good for America and disproportionately benefited other countries more than our own. We need to be fair but also; it seems a no brainer that it should be good for our own country with at the very least with equal mutual benefits. As for Tariffs, waaaa… we get hammered for exports and make concessions for imports; seems kind of backwards to me. Now before everyone gets all twitterpated that the World is going to retaliate; not so much. The world needs us a lot more than we need them; we can easily be self-sustaining if it comes to that. This conversation made the rest of the world have a conversation which in turn leads to a better deal for America. The Tariffs may never fully come to light but now that is out in the open; a conversation has to be had.

Gun Legislation: The problem with this is that that’s all it has been, a conversation. No credible actions, change, or a collective commonsense approach to facilitate common ground. Granted this is a flashpoint depending on which side of the barrel you stand however; the common thread is deep down all of us know what we are doing right now is not working and something needs to change. President Trump breaking rank and stating that we can do better has empowered States to begin to take action without the fear of Presidential rebuke; States’ Rights is a beautiful thing… Now, at the end of the day Congress has to nut up and collectively put something together for him to sign. I will concede that Nobama had good intentions with this but was perceived as so weak that Congress was not too worried about credible Executive action that would significantly affect legislation or the status quo. Is there more Trump can do with this yes but, he will continue to pressure Congress to do their job or face the wrath of the American people.

Trump may blurt out some “interesting” policy announcements but once again, it forces a conversation to be had that has to produce something more than words. I am not too concerned about his lack of diplomacy; I am not too concerned the “World” is concerned about his lack of diplomacy. He may be out there sometimes but at the end of the day, someone has to be the one that initiates the uncomfortable conversations and to date he has been that guy…

For anyone that is concerned about what the World thinks of the US, you are worried about the wrong things. This presidency has had one common thread since its inception. “Make America Great Again” and to date we are off to a good start.

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OriginalJimmySmith commented on Friday, Mar 09, 2018 at 14:19 PM

Yes to your entire blog.

HMJC commented on Friday, Mar 09, 2018 at 15:58 PM

Thanks Jimmy...

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