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I started noticing new user names signing up Friday, very strange and reminiscing the silly word games military people do with Acronyms. a play on phonics or pronunciation.

At first I thought oh its just a bot, its not, because the algorithm would be too complex. So someone is doing it purposefully. Its quite childish, not witty

Lets examine these current accounts names


Ok latest one is obvious

Z00oberrtitnuash -soo bury it in ur
Stacacy = Stay cocky
JoanaPum = You wanna Pum (Potentially Unwanted Modification)

Do any of you military people remember them playing these childish games making a newbie go back and forth asking for a BA 1100 -N = balloon.

Other examples below

It looks like someone is doing the same things using new user accounts to send messages, pretty cryptic, and childish.

Could Admin catch them?

Yes, easily most likely they are using VPNs to change IP address, but they could track the IPs to the VPN supplier and then request records to find out who it is. Most likely the person doing it has not changed their MAC address either, so they could find out within a few minutes.

But do they have the knowledge to do it?
Do they care someone is sending harassing messages using their system?

Probably not, most likely nothing will ever come of it and the bogus new users will stay up for ever.

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HMJC commented on Wednesday, Feb 14, 2018 at 14:49 PM

- Go find the chem light batteries

- Use this ball peen hammer to look for
soft spots on the dozer blade

- Go to supply and sign out the smoke

- Go ask the Platoon Sergeant for the
batteries for the prick E7

- And my personal favorite... Go to
the motor pool and find SGT Herman

Icy, It is going to expose itself soon enough. Unfortunately for some cats, life's hard, it's even harder when you're stupid. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your blogs and i am going to do my best to get back into it.

LCarol commented on Sunday, Feb 18, 2018 at 14:30 PM

Welcome to the age of technology. :-)

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