Harassment, by anonymous person?
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Friday the police knock on the door of my house at 10 pm and scare the heck out of my tenants.

They told the tenants my house was put on a list on February 5th by a person claiming they were me, saying the house should be empty, no one should be there, and I was in South America. The female tenants were scared to death, they said they had a lease, the police officer told them to call me.

They called me and handed the phone to the Officer.

The Officer identified himself and spoke in a polite, professional manner, asking my name and if I was the owner. I gave him my name and said that I did not put my house on the list, he said the list just came out tonight. I told him the tenants were legally there and told him I would call the dispatchers.

When I called the dispatchers I spoke with a lady who conferred with another individual, they said the house was put on the list on Feb 5th by and individual claiming to be me, saying he was in South America. Gave a number similar to mine, but not mine.

I told them It was not me and the number the individual gave them was not my number, but very similar, I asked if they could see the number the individual was calling from, but they said it might not show up if they called from a private number, but they transferred me right away to the watch commander.

Very odd, as the police have technology to see phone numbers no matter how they call, but I was told to contact the Captain in charge on Monday.

The timing of this is very suspect, I have a claim against the city, and on Monday the 5th I spoke with the Attorney General about improper actions of city employees and how to deal with them legally. The attorney I spoke with was going to call the city attorney the same day and write a letter to the City Clerk. And it just so happens the anonymous individual calls in, puts my house on this list the very same day, very suspicious timing.

Was this a form of harassment, due to the possible law suit with the city. The timing is certainly suspect, considering my tenants have lived there for almost 7 months. No one ever came by until Friday Night.

So is someone using a good program in a bad way, to harass my tenants, and me in the process.

I don't know.

I do know, I didn't call the police on February 5th and ask to have my house watched by the police, saying I was in South America, I'm here in Georgia, and I certainly wouldn't give them a wrong number.

What do you think?

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icyman61 commented on Monday, Feb 12, 2018 at 20:17 PM

Got an update today, I called in at 10 am to speak with the person I was told to contact. She told me they were speculating on what happened.

Their guesstimate was, the person who took the call, typed in a number for a call on different street name with same numbers. The number at my house was the same 3 digits, so possibly my house popped up where I had called before and maybe she put in the house watch for my house by mistake by editing one of my previous calls from a year ago.

The paper call log she looked at today, stated the call was for a totally different street, there was no log of who called it in, and who ordered the patrol, but it was put on the log the 5th.

She also explained maybe the other ladies I spoke with were reading the old request off the computer, not paper, and they were confused based upon what they saw on the computer.

That's why they related wrong information stating I called in on the 5th, but the number on my previous calls was correct, so she didn't have an explanation as for where they got the wrong number.

I reviewed the phone call from the other night, today. They told me they were reading the information off of a call log, and they could not read her handwriting. But the number looked like a 9 instead of a 7.

She said she would speak with the other lady tomorrow who actually took the call when it came in. The employee who took the call had the weekend off, and she took a vacation day off today. But she would get to the bottom of it tomorrow when she returned.

Now lets consider this small fact, statistic, there are how many addresses in Hinesville that have the address starting with the same 3 digits as mine?

I did a quick google and came up with Amhearst Row, Heritage Dr, Maxwell St, Sandy Run, Piedmont Ave, 1St St, Palmetto,Heritage Road, Kendall Ct, Cinder Hill, Thornwood, Windhaven, E Oglethorp, Chase Court, all have houses with the same digits as mine, some apts, that was a quick search. Fourteen Houses in 2 seconds?

What are the odds of that mistake hitting my house instead of one of the other 14 with the same numbers?

So with at least 1 in 14 odds against that happening, possibly more, mine pops up, and the person writing it down, makes a mistake and then clicks on my previous called in incident log and changes one of my calls, even though my street name starts with a letter totally different form the other on the other end of the alphabet.

Another REALLY odd thing, VERY SIMILAR to this, happened at the beginning of the month when I renewed my license. Someone put in a change of address for me saying I was in Az while I was in Hinesville.

Causing my newly renewed license to get sent back 2 times, causing more headings and harassment. More on that later.

icyman61 commented on Monday, Feb 12, 2018 at 20:18 PM

And I was reminded today that when I lived in the house, someone was stealing 5 gallons of gas from my car at least once a week for several years.They broke several locking gas caps and I caught them once at 3am, but was in my underwear so I did not run outside. I called the Police but they were unable to find them.

Over several years they stole thousands of dollars of gas and NO ONE ever saw them except me, my wife. They were never caught.

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