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Every day I see blogs about the Federal Government, President Trump, and corruption, but why?

Why does everyone give a pass to the corruption that is occurring closer to home? Why not look at whats going on here in Hinesville?

Have any of you ever put in a Open Records Request letter to learn more about government here locally?

If you do, I bet you will get stonewalled. Or given a letter which claims the records you want will be delayed for months, yet factually, it would take them 10 to 20 seconds to retrieve.

I recently sent in 2 open records request that were met by nothing but delays, laughter, and smug smirks.

The response letter was then carbon copied to the City Attorney, City Manager, and their insurance agent. The records requested were from the December 7th 2017, executive session where the city council discussed 2 legal issues, One the issue where they damaged property and the other concerning the water system.

On the December 8th session when they returned from the excutive session you can hear the Mayor say "one issue is one that they didn't need to take any action on at this time" when they come back from executive session. Thats the issue I asked about in my open records request!

In addition to not doing the right thing and paying for the damage they caused. They were dragging it out saying they were working on it, wasting time, and letting time tick away, when they were doing nothing but delaying! Why you might ask?

Its a thing called Ante Litem!

It means you have to notify the City when you have a claim against them, and not only do you have to notify them, if you don't do it within 6 months of the incident, and do it in the correct manner, you can not sue them.

In other words, they cheat you out of the opportunity to have a judge hear your case where they were negligent and caused property damage, personal harm, and or death!

Despicable, but factual!

Start looking at things closer to home, and stop focusing on dribble about party lines!

They are wasting your dollars on frivolous spending in the budget that can only be fully understood, if you do an open records request. Much of the facts are hidden!

Example, more than 20 thousand dollars on Microsoft Office, windows licenses, when they could switch to open office, Linux, which is free, has less security issues, just better. And they save thousands of citizens dollars! Problem is it would cut into the amount they pay the IT consultants working for them, because they would have less work,but I digress!

Get busy in local government, stop being distracted by the show!

I warn you though, these thugs don't play by the rules that they command us with, they will usurp the codes, laws. The rules don't apply to them, try it, write an open records request to get some controversial matter you want to know more about!

I dare you! Lets see how they respond!

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HMJC commented on Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018 at 10:47 AM

On It...

icyman61 commented on Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018 at 11:58 AM

Open Records act can be utilized to get studies, tests on City water too. You would be surprised what toxic materials are in water you use to bath in, wash your food, etc.

Or maybe for the dumping of millions of gallons of sewage into the river?

Would you like to know what caused it?

What they did to remedy the situation?

Its your civic duty to protect your family, friends, community, do your own research, look around locally, ask questions!

LCarol commented on Sunday, Feb 04, 2018 at 11:20 AM

AMEN! Well put.

Semper Fi

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