Are You Missing a Relative?
by TedL
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Has it been too many years since you last saw and talked to one of your closer relatives? If so, are you ready to try and reach out and find them?

For millions of individuals, this is an all too familiar scene.

Whether the person has been out of their life via a falling out, being too busy, or moved away, people do drift apart.

So, if you are missing a relative, is it time to go to work in trying to locate them?

Using Different Tools at Your Disposal

Although you may opt to find a relative with old-fashioned word-of-mouth, what about the web?

In turning to the worldwide web, you have an unlimited number of resources at your disposal.

There are different ways to go about your quest how to find relatives online.

First, you could do a Google search.

By entering their full name online, it could lead you in their direction. Now, if their name is a common one such as John or Mary Smith, you could be searching for some time to come. Assuming their name is not quite that common, you could get lucky with such a search.

A better way is using one of the online people search sites to have sprung up over the years of Internet usage. Those searches can zero in on the relative you are trying to reconnect with.

Another Internet option is of course to search via social media.

That kind of search can occur on any of the following social sites:

· Facebook

· Twitter

· Instagram

· Google+

· Snapchat

Keep in mind that some social sites have a step or two you have to go through to connect with someone.

Facebook requires people to send out a “friend request” when they want to connect with someone.

If your missing relative is on the world’s leading social site, send them a request to connect. Assuming there are no issues between the two of you, they are likely going to accept you as a Facebook friend.

Have you considered other means besides using a name search site or social media?

If your relative has lived near you over the years, might you have seen them driving around town at some point? In the event you think you did, did you jot down a license plate number?

Another online option is to do a license plate search.

That search can yield clues as far as not only a vehicle’s history, but also who the driver is.

No matter the means you use to find your relative, you can do such searches in the comfort of your home or at work. With the Internet, you can do business 24/7/365.

Reconnecting After All These Years

If you do make an online reconnection with a relative after all these years, how soon do you plan to meet up with them?

In the event it has been many years since you last saw one another, there may very well be an urge for a quick reunion.

Imagine all the different things to talk about. It can be marriages, divorces, children being born, career moves, and even deaths in the family.

No matter the topics of discussion once you reunite, make sure there is no more lost time moving forward.

In meeting up again, appreciate a second opportunity to make more memories together.

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LCarol commented on Sunday, Feb 04, 2018 at 12:53 PM

Don’t forget about considering having a DNA test done through sites like 23 and me, or family tree dna, or ancestry dna and other. You’ll find not just your misplaced relatives but even find some you did not know existed.

TedL commented on Monday, Feb 12, 2018 at 16:00 PM

Thanks LCarol, that's a good point, and another great option.

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