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Thoughts and meanderings for the week…

Can someone, anyone explain to me why the NFL players are allowed to exercise their 1st Amendment rights on TV on and off the field but our Veterans are not allowed to voice their angst in the same forum as the NFL player are allowed to do? The article states that the NFL wants the Veteran organizations to modify their message to suit their needs but did not ask the players to do the same thing. This coupled with the NFL’s “fix” to the Anthem protests was to keep the players off the field during the Anthem instead of addressing how the NBA did. The NBA made it short and sweet; stand for the Anthem or don’t play as it is their collective bargaining agreement to do so; the NFL also has a statute that players do the same. The bottom line, the NFL is more concerned about revenue as opposed to supporting Americas Heroes; truly pathetic…,-washing-machines-with-tariffs

Trump has always stated America first; he has never wavered on this and I don’t think he will. That was the dirty little secret about the Nobama administrations push for clean energy. A good amount of the components for this were outsourced to manufactures outside of the US which in turn cost Americans jobs. This is not about what is the cheaper route anymore; it is about Making America Great again and stimulating the American economy instead of any other nation. OBW, the tax bill that everyone is up in arms about how “Big Business” is “getting Over” has already resulted in Walmart raising their minimum wage to $11 an hour; I have a feeling that there is going to be positive effects that will stimulate the economy.

The keyword here; Illegal Immigrant. With this said I am fully cognizant that this is not necessarily the norm, however; it is not the first case and it won’t be the last. The Bottom Line; If you want to immigrate do it legally or face deportation. Too much to do about “Dreamers” when at the end of the day; it is not this countries responsibility to give away the American Dream for free…

Please feel free to ponder, pontificate, and meander about my musings whether you agree or not… That’s the beautiful thing about free speech that is of course unless you are a Veteran…

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Sheran commented on Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018 at 21:37 PM

Deep State probably has something to do with it! We don't hear about this on CNN, MSN, or PN's Blog.

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