Are we truly Christians?
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As a man, I have screwed up a lot, when I went to combat and then after returning. I messed up a lot in my life. But now for the last 8 years God has blessed me. Satan still attacks me, but I always have Gods help!

Over the last few years I have learned a lot about my EGO, its bad, I cant judge anyone, but I can point out things they are doing wrong.

Mind me no judgment merely stating things so they can try to fix them. I try to do nothing out of hatred any more, although my EGO sometimes gets to me. But I sincerely TRY.

I have been taught alot about God and the Bible and other religions over the last few years too.

The word Christian means we try to live our lives as Jesus did, was Jesus judgemental?

I do not think so, the bible shows him as always loving and kind. He tried to help others.

If we want to live Christ like, which we all fail, we should try to help everyone .

I do not pretend to know Jesus or Gods thoughts and to say so, well i do not know what it is.

IF anyone claims to Love God, you must ask yourself many questions, first
Do you follow all of his commandments?

That being said do you celebrate the sabbath on Saturday or Sunday?

That being said do you celebrate Christmas? Supposedly Christ birthday on the winter solstice Dec 25 a pagan holiday.

OR do you celebrate it around his real birthday in June around the 13 th through 19th. All biblical evidence points to Christ birthday during that time.

Next do you read a bible from before 1600? Because all the new bibles have had many books taken out, called the Apocrypha these books hold some of Gods most beloved teachings.

Now all of that said, can you say your really following Jesus footsteps when you condemn another man for anything.

he may need to change his ways, but we can not condemn anyone, that is Gods job and Jesus will be your lawyer.

The thing is, the most important thing to remember for everyone is Satan has corrupted the churches all of them, hes a trickster, hes corrupted all of the governments, hes a lyer.

We shouldn't focus on which Party is in the white house, but how to help change things that are wrong, shine a light with photos, facts, not opinions.

I'm guilty of this myself. I still have a lot to learn, but I am trying. And with Gods help, I will be successful! I just don't know when! BE cause I mess up alot. LOL

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LCarol commented on Sunday, Jan 14, 2018 at 12:50 PM

Yes we are all imperfect and we all mess up a lot. Thank you for writing this which is a good reminder to me that God will judge in the end and you are right we all so fail and be judgmental at times of others and we should pray and leave it at the alter and let God deal with it, but God gives us wisdom that at times we must stand up for what is right and speak up and against it and put a stop to evilness.

Again you are right as you stated that "We shouldn't focus on which Party is in the white house, but how to help change things that are wrong, shine a light with photos, facts, not opinions." And that is why I refuse to debate others about their opinions and present facts only and I'm sure being human I have failed at that from time to time.

I have simply never understood why folks are so hung up on party affiliation. Our country was not build nor do we live by party affiliations but our constitution and laws we have in place to govern ourselves.

icyman61 commented on Sunday, Jan 14, 2018 at 13:09 PM

Thank you for writing, in my opinion its all a distraction to keep us occupied with silly things. If people read what others write on sites like this, when its factual, its a good way to learn the truth.

The thing is we must keep an open mind, sometimes there are others who try to dissuade us from believing facts by attacking the person who post them. And throwing some other talking point out to try to distract. They do it over and over, just look at history, study it. Look what they did to Martin Luther King.

Now they are really attacking people, its an all at war for the spirit, being waged as we write. As is written In Revelations and the book of Enoch.

I need to study the bible more, all of it even the books they took out. I am still trying, but I mess up! LOL

Its ok God loves us all like his children. We must Love in the same way. Unfortunately its harder for us, because we are being attacked every day by Satan and his minions.

I pray God blesses you.

LCarol commented on Sunday, Jan 14, 2018 at 21:08 PM

He does every day. :-)

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