NAACP Defends Pedophiles

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I've started several blogs about this subject and now it seems as though the NAACP has finally reared its head up out of the swamp.

By Red Pill | 12-19-2017 News
Photo credit: Weiwu Zhao | LinkedIn
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NAACP Defends Pedophile Chinese National in Pennsylvania, After Caught with Child Rape Videos
It comes as quite a shock to many, that a pedophile in Pennsylvania, Chinese Engineer Weiwu Zhao, received support during his trial via a testimony from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), despite being caught red-handed by investigators in possession of child pornography that was described by prosecutors as “some of the most disturbing videos ever witnessed” by the Northampton County Courts.

The now retired Chinese Engineer has one of the strangest trials to date for a pedophile, where the jurors were forced to watch the videos that were seized from his electronic devices, many of which showed extremely disturbing rapes of young children.

“These are not pleasant images to look at, but you should not allow them to stir up your emotions to the prejudice of the defendant,” Judge Jennifer Sletvold told jurors after the videos finished, a standard cautionary instruction.

“Those videos are vile and they are haunting,” Northampton County Judge Jennifer Sletvold said to the 76-year-old, Weiwu Zhao. “Everyone who had to watch those will be haunted for the rest of their lives, I have no doubt about that.”

If Zhao hadn't said that he never downloaded the videos jurors wouldn't have been forced to watch the graphic nature of the films.

As the first video played, one woman in the jury box began to cry, wiping her eyes with a tissue. Others on the panel cast their eyes to the ceiling, or shrouded their gazes with their hands.

Majewski told jurors as the trial opened that she regretted having to show them the recordings, but said they had to be presented to prove the allegations.

“I apologize to you in advance because I know this isn’t something that someone would like to come to court to do,” Majewski said.

Proceedings have often moved slowly as Zhao, a native of China, relies upon two Chinese language interpreters who split shifts in the courtroom translating testimony for him.

“I am not interested in child pornography. I am a scientist and an entrepreneur,” Zhao said during hs opening statement, which was cut short by Sletvold after he strayed into matters she ruled were objectionable.

By the second video, another juror was fighting tears. The five men and seven women bore thousand-mile stares, a state police investigator narrating what they were seeing: young girls being raped before their eyes on child pornography that authorities said was uncovered on a computer seized in Easton.

Child porn possession cases rarely go to trial, given the inflammatory nature of the images involved. The Northampton County jury had to endure 14 separate videos showing girls being sexually assaulted, after the 76-year-old Weiwu Zhao of Easton insisted on his day in court versus making a deal.

What's really shocking is that before the sentencing hearing, Zhao’s daughter handed out pamphlets at the Northampton County Courthouse urging community members to support what she describes as an “innocent senior.”

Among the many people she was able to round up in defense of her pedophile father was about 30 tram supporters, and the most high-profile includes the Bethlehem NAACP Chapter President Esther Lee.

NAACP Chapter President Lee, much like most of the NAACP in general, claimed the “dindu nuffin” aspect, arguing that Zhao “is just like the innocent black men targeted by police and prosecutors, who are unable to understand the charges against them due to language barriers, and deserved a new attorney.”

I'm serious.

Judge Sletvold, presiding over the case, debunked each of Zhao's arguments and those of the NAACP.

She said that claiming Zhao is innocent, or hasn't been provided the necessary defense is preposterous and an outright lie.

Slevtold said that Zhao has been provided a Chinese interpreter for all of his legal proceedings, at the cost of the taxpayers.

She also said that at least one of the downloaded videos was labeled in the Chinese language, which has date and time stamps.

State police experts involved in the case said the videos couldn't have ended up on Zhao's computer by an accident, which is what he tried to claim, the Judge said.

“You are not innocent and you are not a victim, ” the Judge told Zhao.

Here's a man who's went through four attorneys, found red-handed with the heinous videos of children being raped on his computer, with specific dates and times as to when he downloaded the illicit videos of prepubescent children being sexually assaulted by adults, and even a specific p2p software used to download the child porn; and the NAACP is actually defending the pedophile.

The organization in itself is a complete joke and just came to the defense of a pedophile was literally caught with his hand in the cookie jar, without any disputable evidence to suggest he's innocent; and the NAACP says he's innocent.

Sad times we live in, inside of America.

The case was incredibly graphic to begin with, when State Police first started their investigation in saying that they had linked the downloading of child pornography to an IP address that traced back to file-sharing software on Zhao’s computer.

Those investigators involved in the case said that they tracked a three-minute, 22-second video to back Zhao’s computer at his residence, which led to them obtaining a search warrant, only to later uncover 13 additional videos of child porn on it.

In most circumstances child porn cases rarely even go as far as a trial, with the majority of pedophiles pleading out to lesser charges, fearing that a jury will be so disturbed by what they see or hear in the case that they'll push the prosecution and the Judge into throwing the book at the suspect with a harsh sentence.

Even more strange, Zhao hired and fired three defense attorneys in his case, where he later fired them all only to defend himself through the majority of his trial.

A fourth attorney was then hired prior to the sentencing, in which attorney Sandra Thompson told Judge Jennifer Slevtold that she has “already made her mind up about her client's punishment”, where drew sharp criticism from the Judge who continuously cut her off during her rants (deservingly so, how anyone can defend a pedophile with a straight face is beyond me).

Zhao’s wife, Xiuying Zhao, stood by her husband in defending him, proclaiming his innocence; as did his daughter, a neighbor, and another man who had befriended him.

“If you lock up such a good person in jail, that’s a huge loss to society,” his wife said.

“I’ve never been interested in child pornography, or even pornography,” Zhao, who's a native of China, said through an interpreter to the Judge.

The Assistant District Attorney, Laura Majewski, said that each and every time Zhao watched those disgusting videos, he was exploiting the children who were being raped in them.

Majewski also said they Zhao showed no remorse, and accepted no responsibility in the case.

Throughout the trial and the sentencing Zhao continued to his stance of claiming alternately it was the fault of the cable company, the police, or the district attorney’s office for the videos found on his computer.

Many pedophiles take that route of defense, when there is absolute evidence showing they were responsible, yet they continue to deny they ever downloaded the horrendously explicit materials.

“He’s blamed everyone else but himself,” Majewski said.

Despite the best efforts of the family, Zhao, and the NAACP to paint the pedophile as somehow being a “victim”, Zhao was first convicted earlier this year, and on Monday, sentenced from 4 to 15 years for the 14 count conviction of downloading child pornography.

Thankfully this Judge didn't buy into the social justice narrative or the attempts to paint the prosecution or the police as ‘racist”, and put this disgusting pedophile behind bars, as reported by LeHighValleyLive.

Personally, I'd of rather seen his ass shipped back to China in a pine box, but we can call this a victory against a perverse man and the NAACP.


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