Gateway Drug(s) or an Excuse?

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This article illustrates the folly of employing “Scare Tactics” and Interdiction as the primary way to fight the War on Drugs. This goes all the way back to Refer Madness; PSA’s of teenagers being “whacked out” and doomed to fail in life if they even think about smoking the dreaded left handed cigarette because it was the “Gateway” to the hard stuff… I find it ironic that during the 50” the same purveyors of the ideology of Refer Madness were completely onboard the Alcohol and Cigarette bandwagon which has been proven to have contributed to 100-fold Loss of Life, Careers, Family, and eventually Death vs. “Soft Drug” use. The article is not 100% definitive, however; one thing really stood out to me:

“Factors of Poverty and poor Social Environment are a greater predictor of Hard Drug use than early exposure to “Soft Drugs”

This alludes to an earlier Blog I posted called “Treating the Wrong Symptom”. I feel it validates my musings a little as Addiction has many other factors that are in play, it is not just the drug itself. Addiction is often tied to Hopelessness, Homeless, Unemployment, Family Dynamics; Where you Live. This is not all-Inclusive but in my biased opinion, it presents a lucid picture of the areas that need to be the focal point of “Winning the War On Drugs” Until we realize that limiting or cutting off access to drugs does nothing to address the clear and present causes of drug use and Addiction. As I digress…

So my point? Science is finally starting to look a little harder at drugs singularly as opposed to lumping a majority of different drugs into one kit bag. It almost looks like they might even be trying to be objective and stating the Science behind their Hypothesis; conceding that some Drugs are not as harmful and predictors for transitioning into the “Hard Stuff”

The Key Point I want to re-iterate, here it is black and white; Factors of Poverty and poor Social Environment are a greater predictor of Hard Drug use than early exposure to “Soft Drugs” Time to get a new “Doctor” that treats the true symptoms of Addiction and Drug and as a People commit to a collective effort to do our part and begin the long road to recovery.

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