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When he brings Compensation and High Turnover as a focal point, there are a couple of turds in the punch bowl… Please peruse the article and offer your take; look forward to seeing it.

This my response to his Editorial”

I applaud your support for your team, however; you failed to mention that you have already received your personal 20% raise at the expense of the same taxpayers you are appealing to; how much of that could have been diverted to training or certifications that could increase the opportunities for your brave team? The other elephant in the room is a lot of your turnover has to do with how you run the department. You are no saint, Mr. Sikes, although you do your best to present that type of appearance. With this said I have always been a proponent of paying our Law Enforcement compensation that is commiserate with the danger they face every day for us and fully support your cause.

As you continue to champion this effort I would encourage you to listen to your team better. I also encourage to not use your Faith as the main driving force of how you run the department. At times you are pious and make personnel decisions based on your own convictions and quite frankly. judge individuals on your own team based upon that which seems a bit counter-intuitive. In closing, take a close look at your own policies and how you lead and your decision-making process. LISTEN to your own team you are advocating for and acknowledge that your turn over is not just based on compensation. We support our Nations Heroes and want the best for them. I plan on attending the event and look forward to discussing this with you further. Don't get the boo-boo lip when you read this; it is my own meanderings but also do have a better snapshot of what is going on in your department and the low morale. Leaders have a responsibility to assess high turnover and consider what we can do better for them.

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timeontarget commented on Thursday, Dec 07, 2017 at 13:16 PM

HMJC you seem to take issue with Sheriff Sikes based primarily on the turnover within the ranks of the department. Am I correct in this assumption?

You also seem to take issue with the recent raise in compensation for the Sheriff. Am I correct in this assumption?

Third issue appears to be concerning the issue of the "faith" of Sheriff Sikes.

I can understand the " what is going on in your department and the low morale", because our enforcement police of all levels have been under siege throughout the country from many sources.

These are points that I see in your blog.

I'm not taking issue with any but I do think that this blog needs commentary and consideration.

Hopefully others will respond.

This is strictly a local issue and it would be nice if we could get a little more interest from our community.

Your use of the t__d word (in the first sentence) does not offer any enticement to some of us old timers. That is a word which I refuse to allow to pass through my lips.

Otherwise this is a very good blog.

wayne44 commented on Thursday, Dec 07, 2017 at 15:23 PM

If Sheriff Sikes can get better pay for his officers, I have no problem with it. However, how do you determine what is a fair salary for those who put their lives on the line to protect the public? In my humble opinion the money spent on the Justice Center (Taj Mahal III) would have been better spent on training new deputies, getting them certified, and paying them and the existing deputies a fair compensation. Law enforcement officers have a tough enough job in todays climate of increased hatred for them and should be supported by those in this county, city, and country who believe in the rule of law. If Sheriff Sikes is not running the department as it should be, then it is up to the voters to make a change.

HMJC commented on Friday, Dec 08, 2017 at 08:47 AM


will respond soonest, need to catch up and a couple of things and do not want to respond with the short and sweet. will respond today. thanks

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