The Rich are Getting Richer; Who Cares!!!
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The Rich are going to benefit from the Tax cuts; WHO Cares!!! If I was considered “Rich” I sure as hell would not be a fan of up to 35% of the money I earned being given to a government that has zero idea how to budget and spend it responsibly. We all would like to have more money but do I begrudge someone else for having more money than I do? No. Furthermore, what effect does the “Rich” benefiting have on me? Nothing, I say again Nothing…

There will never be a tax plan that everybody is pleased with. At least something was passed to at least see what it really is going to do. Everything up to this point is opinion and conjecture. I think I am middle class, not sure to be honest however; Every dime I have has been earned through hard work and commitment to providing the best for my Family. I do not consider my tax return an additional boon to my income at the end of the year. At the end of the day what I think all of us should be up in arms is how Washington squanders the money we pay in and the ask for more. Give the bill a chance to come to fruition and we can base our opinions on what is really happening as opposed the usual the Sky is Falling Rhetoric.

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wayne44 commented on Tuesday, Dec 05, 2017 at 11:32 AM

If the Democrats had passed the same bill, it would be hailed as the greatet peice of legislation ever to come down the pike by CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC. However, because it was passed by the Republicans, it is considered a bad bill and will ruin the middle class. If the last eight years did not ruin the middle class I suspect this bill will not either.

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