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Welcome to the “Sexual Harassment Apology/Non-Apology Tour 2017” I have provided some musings below about current requests for a “Formal” Apology from various personalities and prose whether or not an Apology is warranted. Before we begin I digress up front; What is considered a Formal Apology by “reasonable persons(s)” standards? So far. I am Sorry, I am Truly Sorry, I was Wrong, I’m Embarrassed, I Embarrassed my Family, My Bad, No Bueno, and “Did I Do That” have not been considered adequate to date… I am not saying that an apology makes it all better however; it’s an act that cannot be undone or taken back so the first step is to say, “I Am Sorry”. Personally, I think Matt Laur's response was conciliatory and humble.

“Lauer released a statement Thursday, saying some "of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed. I regret that my shame is now shared by the people I cherish dearly."
The way I see it, you go from there until all the Facts of the situation become available before the Lynching begins… So, without further ado…

To all those I Have, May Have, Thought About, or Intentionally Offended; I Am not sorry. If I did offend you it was most likely on purpose; never said I was a nice guy. For the rest, I didn’t mean it, sorry it is not as eloquent as Matt Lauer but that is the long and short of it period. With this said if I did offend you in some way it would have been nice to know 15 years ago so I didn’t continue to offend your senses and truly would have immediately stopped any behavior that made you feel uncomfortable. I will make you a deal, lets meet halfway and find a way to move past that doesn’t destroy Families, Livelihoods, and Reputations for the less the “Weinstein” moments please…?

Bette Midler
She has claimed that Geraldo Rivera drugged her and touched her nether regions over 10 years ago. Two things here, I have a feeling it was not a challenge to convince you to partake in some type of “recreational” drug at that point in time. Two, have a hard time believing that you remembered it and three, bringing the situation to light is one thing, demanding an apology from over 10 years ago?

No Apology for trying to be trendy.

Monica Lewinski
Most people say – Apology

Clinton(s)/Democratic Party Take a page from the GOP Playbook - She was of age and participation was consensual No Apology

Any Woman that accuses Trump/Bill Cosby

Apology, doesn’t mean it’s true but in their case, the potential is always there…

Every Woman that still has a Rape Kit waiting to be tested

Apology and a promise to focus on the direst circumstances of Sexual Assault initially to bring the most egregious Sexual Predators to justice and get them in that “Special Cell” reserved for societies most depraved; most importantly getting them off the streets before another tragedy occurs that was 100% preventable.

Hollywierd/Washington as a whole

No apology, None, Zilch. Nada… Your Industry created your own toxic climate. It was the dirty little secret everyone knew was part of the equation to getting ahead. The instances are still abhorrent but just as abhorrent was the turning of a blind eye until it became in fashion to be part of the afflicted. Your individual and collective failure to act when it was perpetrated against you or your peers is just as unconscionable, No Apology

In closing, if someone in your life has made you feel uncomfortable; let a Brother know personally first maybe… give a cat a chance to speak with you, not the media. The vast majority of people will do the right thing or acknowledge we could have done better if given the opportunity; once it becomes the decision of the self- righteous the truth no matter what it is will never be revealed 100% because at that point; nothing you say is right.

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wayne44 commented on Saturday, Dec 02, 2017 at 06:05 AM

Isn't it amazing how clear peoples memories are after only 10, 20, 30, 40 years have passed by but couldn't dredge up any indignation when the sexual harassment was occuring. However, if you have sex in the Oval Office with an intern, you get a pass for 25 years until its fashionable to jump on the sexual predator bandwagon. Hypocrites, thy names are Democrats.

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