Treating The Wrong Symptom
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The War on Drugs has a dirty little secret… The suppliers and the Pharmaceutical Companies are not the problem…

Our Country is riddled with the plight of Addiction. Alcohol, Cocaine, Meth, Heroin, Prescription Drugs, Glue, Huffing, and basically anything that has the potential to get you high. The point being that if one type of drug is hard to get; human nature tragically finds a replacement…

All this money these Ya’Hoos are throwing at interdiction needs to go to community based treatment centers that are empowered with the resources to genuinely and effectively treat the plight at its corps. In addition; resourced Education and Voc Technical training also needs to be community based to be accessible and staffed with quality educators to provide the ability to become part of the American Dream, not a statistic.
Now before the “it’s not our fault someone was weak and let themselves become addicted to drugs”

To be candid, I am familiar with Addiction on a personal level; never a proud moment discussing this but it is also part of the process of moving on. The irony of Addiction is; it does not discriminate. Doesn’t matter what the Color of your skin is, who you sleep with, Rich, Poor, Educated, Street Smarts, it doesn’t matter; it affects us all whether it is on a personal level, Friends, or Family we have been witness to it in one way or another.

There is no quick fix for Addiction; it takes support. It takes the support of your Friends, Your Family, your Peers, and finding someway within yourself to let go of the only thing you thought you could do to cope is no longer going to be part of your life. It takes time and for the rest of your life you are a recovering addict. Once again it takes time, it takes a community, it takes stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying to make a difference for the people your love and care about and addressing what they need, not what we want it to be…, it takes being willing to be part of the Human Condition.

Sounds pretty sad I know but… the Truth sometimes is not pretty. It is in your face every day but we don’t want to acknowledge it because somehow that means we failed… I digress…

The whole point of my meanderings is pretty simple; we are treating the wrong symptom of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Forming another bureaucracy to squander and mismanage 12 million dollars is definitely not the answer. Investing back into the greatest resource America has, its Citizens seems to be a much better answer.

This would be a staggering undertaking; There is estimated to be 40 million Americans addicted to some type of drug or alcohol; 16% of our populous!!! This means that almost 1/5 of our Nation!!! I officially proclaim the Sky is Falling!!!

There is no easy way to do this but isn’t worth it? Helping people get back their lives, Friends, Family, their Livelihood? It can happen but it has to start somewhere and to be frank; it cannot be the debacle Nobamacare was. I can’t be a hypocrite and allude to being a staunchly religious man however; I firmly believe we are our Brothers Keeper and our country has forgotten that. This starts at home, in your community, Treating the right symptom, making a difference one random act of kindness at a time.

It’s time to quit throwing our hands up and saying there is nothing we can do.

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timeontarget commented on Wednesday, Nov 29, 2017 at 16:36 PM

HMJC I tip my hat to you sir. This blog needed to be composed. We all know someone who is addicted.

The war on drugs is over and drugs won.

Each day of our lives if we will each and everyone do a act of kindness then quickly things will change.

Humankind has declined to a pitiful state.

Thank you for composing this NEEDED BLOG.

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