Should Your Teen Be Behind the Wheel?
by TedL

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It can be a tough decision to make for many parents.

Their teenager comes to them when they reach that certain age and inform mom and dad they want to learn how to drive. So, as a parent, is it a no-brainier that you say yes to their wish?

For you to be comfortable with your teen when they get a learner’s permit and a driver’s license, you have to trust them.

Will they understand the scope of what it means to have a license and be behind the wheel of what can be a weapon? Are they responsible enough to look out for countless other drivers they share the road with? Last, will they take care of the vehicle they use so that it is road-worthy and as safe as possible?

When looking at if your teen should drive, think things through before you say yes.

Are They Responsible Enough?

Knowing whether your teen should be driving or not is not going to be the most difficult decision to make.

Sure, driving a vehicle and doing one’s homework or chores around the homes are different things. That said you should know by the time your teenager reaches that eligible age to drive as if they are up to the task.

Among some of the responsibilities your teen will have to follow up on if they do drive:

• Road rules – Make sure they grasp the rules of the road. Although studying allows them to get to know the laws, they need to know the importance of them. For instance, going over the speed limit a few miles on occasion is in most cases not going to be the end of the world. That said regular reckless driving habits can come back to haunt drivers.

• Vehicle care – Even if you let your teenager use the family car or truck, it is important that they help take care of it. No, that does not always mean they’d be responsible for a major repair bill, but they can chip in where possible. In doing so, it teaches them financial responsibility among other things.

• Sidestepping distractions – It can be easy for adults to get distracted when driving. That said imagine your teen and the distractions he or she can face when they’re out on the road. Make sure they know how dangerous phones, the radio, and being too involved with passengers can be. If your teen has a knack for distractions, don’t take that in a light way. As an example, picking up their cell phone while driving can end in disaster in only a matter of seconds.

Your teen must realize that driving a vehicle takes 100 percent concentration. Deviating from that concentration is not something they want to get into the habit of doing.

Buying Your Teenager a Vehicle

In the event you decide to purchase a vehicle for your teen, it is wise to get one that they will be comfortable driving. Look for one that comes with a high reputation for lasting many years.

Many parents will buy their teen a used car or truck. If that is you, you want one that should last them at least five years or so. That way, they can take it with them to college. Take note that some schools forbid freshmen from having vehicles on campus.

No matter what vehicle you buy for your teenager, always drive home the need for operating it in a safe manner.

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