Is Race The Main Issue?
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My Daughter soon to be lawyer and I were having a conversation on race and the cultural effects in today’s society; she is hell bent that Racism is the main contributing factors to the disproportionate incarcerated Black American vs. White American Incarceration rates/Unemployment/Education/Violence; with this said, I do not deny this exists however; I think there are a couple of factors here that go far beyond race.

First off, Poverty is the common thread that affects all races; It is a direct link to drug abuse, crime, and incarceration. Now you couple this with lack of education; it is a terrible recipe for disaster and futility that perpetuates generation to generation.
So… what’s the fix? In my biased opinion, it comes down to a couple of things besides race.

I hate to pull the “I was dirt poor growing up” … but I was. Poverty was my driving factor for joining the Army; I was tired of being poor and this case it was my out; as melodramatic as this sounds, I cannot say how I would have ended up. My point being is I didn’t know a lot of impoverished Families that did not want to provide for their Families better. As for the economy; the stock market would not be my barometer. It’s about creating sustainable jobs that enable every Family to enjoy some of the American Dream and provide quality of life for their Family.

I still say a new version of the “New Deal” needs to be considered. If you recall, the main focus of work was to repair the Nation’s Infrastructure and National Parks. We have the money to do this; if we could just get the clowns in Washington to quit giving it away to other counties or spending it on stupid …. I think that is one of the biggest things I find confounding; we are one of the largest modern countries in the world but can’t seem to balance the checkbook. Here’s my other question; why do I have to pay for a National Debt that I didn’t have any voice in spending? I am by noooo means a Socialist at heart but come on, share the opportunities a little, Help a Brother out. I digress

Neighborhood Revitalization: The “disadvantaged” live in neighborhoods that are run down, lack of safe quality recreational areas, and experience an enormous amount of crime; there is much more but will go with this for now… The bottom line is every American should have the opportunity to live a neighborhood of homes that are in good repair, have quality safe recreation areas for children, and be able to live in a community they can call home. This is not all on Big Brother though; the local municipalities have a responsibility to work within their means and other organizations to address neighborhood blight. Lastly the community needs to come together with all entities, have a common goal, and finish what we started. Unfortunately, our society has an affinity for the “Other Side of the Tracks” mentality. Elitism suggests that only people of certain socioeconomic background and financial means should live in certain places. Once again, how can one of the world’s largest economies’ fail to take care of their citizens? One glaring example is the devastation of hurricane Katrina and how we responded. We responded eventually to the immediate need but did not go past that. There are hundreds of homes left in disrepair that could have been revitalized to enable Americans that called that area home to still continue to do so; FEMA trailers are not cutting it… We see this all over our country; once thriving communities are left out when the money runs out and are left on their own to figure it out. My point being is haveing a stable place and a community for our children to grow up in is a direct contributor to one’s circumstances and corresponds with the perpetuation of a vicious cycle.

Another thing to take into consideration is the incarceration rates in this country. I am not a big subscriber to the Black Lives Matter charter but one thing I do agree with is the number of people incarcerated because of minor drug offenses. My thought process; have an outside entity identify potential cases and move on individuals to get them out of jail in a timely manner. The other problem is… when a person does their time for the crime and is released they are already pre-disposed to suffer barriers to employment even though when they are released their “Debt to Society” has been paid. Admittedly, there are more Black Americans incarcerated than the amount that was bound by the blight of Slavery; there is something inherently wrong with that. This is a contentious topic, to say the least however; until we start getting past assuming that our ethnicity is the main cause of concern we will continue to not focus on the other main contributors.

So… the 64-million-dollar question; is race the main contributing factor in society for lack of opportunities, education, employment, crime primarily based on Race? I say no, is race part of the dynamic? yes but once again when we peel back the onion I think you will see that it goes much deeper than that and there are issues that need to be addressed based on what the situation is, not what we want it to be.

Lastly all of this takes individual effort and personal commitment. If you were to go back to my home town and ask people where they thought I would end up; I venture to say they would not have guessed that I turned out a whole lot different than expected. The bottom line is as a young man I made a conscious choice to change my own personal dynamic and do what I needed to do to better my situation. Am I white? Yes however; when you are poor it is color blind and people looked at me with just as much disdain.

Is making a change easy? No. I will say though that as a country we need to look deeper than race and socioeconomic circumstances and commit collectively make a positive change. Let’s take the race card out of the deck and focus on the person and once again; make a difference one person at a time

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wayne44 commented on Monday, Nov 20, 2017 at 16:59 PM

Things will never be right until people start taking responsibility for their actions and stop the blame game. Getting up off their butts and trying to improve their situation would be a good start. Is it easy? No, but it can be done with perserverance and a willingness to keep plugging at it.

HMJC commented on Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017 at 12:25 PM

Ya Roger

gacpl commented on Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017 at 16:32 PM

they learn that in school because if you say anything against it you are a racist. first thing you hear is blacks are giving longer sentences then white people, they don't mention that they are multi offence criminals that have been in and out of jail many times.
if you look around the world at the crime rate of other countrys, then look at the racial make up, you will see a pattern.

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