Hinesville City Council Meetings

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CITY OF HINESVILLE city council meeting this Thursday.

Official city council meetings are held the first and third Thursday of each month at 3 p.m. in the Council Chamber at Hinesville City Hall. This is on the first floor at 115 East M.L. King, Jr. Drive, Hinesville, GA 31313.

DO MAKE AN EFFORT TO ATTEND IT if at all possible. And if you can't because of work or other commitments than do find time to go to their site weekly and either read the minutes of the meeting or watch the video to see our government at work.

The city cannot run by itself. It needs citizen participation with both working hand in hand to make this a great place to live. We all have a responsibility to do our part in working with our elected officials and they with us who elected them into office.

EACH CITIZEN MATTERS and have a say so in how our city is run and if our elected official isn't doing the job we want done then we work and learn to get them removed come re-election time.

It is our duty and responsibility as citizens to get involved in our community and holding our elected officials accountable and keeping us all in the loop. If we don't get involved or force our elected city council persons to work with us then we can't complain about it.

If you don't know who your district city council person is then go to your cities web site and find out who it is and then get in touch with them and help them make your district a better district and city to live in.

Take the time to visit your cities website and download the cities code of laws and ordinances, read and study them, so you and your city council person can work together to implement change where change is needed.

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