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This FB focus group is in no way affiliated with Liberty County or any city government that is part of Liberty County.

This focus group was formed to bring Hinesville and all Liberty County citizens together for the common goal of being each others keeper and learning what resources are available to us in Liberty County and any city/town part of Liberty county to also include Fort Stewart Military Base.

It is for ordinary citizens networking together helping and befriending each other creating a bond so when one of us needs guidance or help we can help each other out by helping directly or referring the person to proper resources available to them.

Although we welcome any elected city and/or county official to join and participate it is to help solve a problem and not promoting their own political agenda's. Yes this includes all cities or towns part of Liberty county.

We need solutions to issues that might arise and not negativity. Those that may ask to join who are found to be a part of the problem instead of finding a solution will be removed from the group. It is ok if you don't know how to fix something if it needs fixing but it is not ok to fuss and complain about a situation and unwilling to help oneself find someone to get us a solution to resolving any issue.

WHEN YOU ASK TO JOIN YOU MUST ANSWER THE 3 QUESTIONS ASKED TO BE APPROVED. You must live within Liberty county and/or city/town within Liberty county.

We are expanding this focus group to all of Liberty county because we have been getting request for it. Just be sure to identify which town, street name only, you live in Liberty county.

If you are a citizen of any city or town that is a part of Liberty County we encourage you to join and get to know each other better and working for the betterment of everyone's lives in Liberty County.
Citizens Of Liberty County Coalition

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