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This is the best time of year for me for the temperatures start going down and we get cooler weather. It is also a season and time for much activity in our lives with various autumn festivals, Thanksgiving and then rolls in Christmas.

Everything is so festive for those 3 months and a wonderful time can be had by everyone based on their likes of the various autumn and winter festivals that come around.

This time of year more so than the rest of the year I most enjoy being able to sit on my patio early in the morning and listen to the birds singing and chirping away as well as feel the gentle breeze coming across my face.

Its a time for planning the next 3 months festive activities we can partake in as well as looking back at the last nine months of the year and seeing what we have accomplished in our lives and how to make the new year coming up even better next year.

What also gives me great joy is seeing folks out and about and just beaming and smiling and looking forward to the next festive even coming about with families shopping for what they need to make it a wonderful time of in their lives for families and friends.

I especially enjoy getting my yard ready for Christmas decorated for the enjoyment of the community. So many folks do not decorate for whatever reason and that is ok also but I often see the smiles of the small children who hurry to come out a few minutes earlier in the dark waiting for the bus to be able to see decorations in my yard. It never fails that youngsters don't stop by after school and tell me how much they enjoy seeing those lights while waiting for their school bus. It seems to make it more pleasant for them to get on the bus and go to school.

What is your favorite time of the year and why? I know some folks like summer because of the beaches and such and that is their time of most enjoyment.

Do let us know what you enjoy more in a season in a year! It would be interesting to hear about it.

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