Holding Our Elected Officals Accountable
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I am specifically referring to our district elected council members.

I realized this morning that at least two of our five district city council members DO NOT HAVE contact info at the city's internet site for council representatives and I want to know why not?

So I have posed the below info to citizens of the city of Hinesville to ask them a couple questions.

How are we to be in touch with our duly elected city council person for our district if they have no way for us to make contact with them from the city governments page?

We are not able to make contact with district 4 city council representative Keith Jenkins nor district 5 Kenneth Shaw.

How are we suppose to expect they will work for us if they do not give us some contact info for us to be in touch with them?

What did we elect them for if they will not network with us?

Another way for our elected representatives to be in contact with us is to not only give us a contact info for us to reach them. They also need to be proactive with the citizens they represent by holding district town hall at least once each quarter (every three months).

Last time I checked there is no "I" in the word teamwork. A leader is suppose to roll up his/her sleeves and be a people person and be in the district they were elected for and greet and meet the residents there and keep us apprised of what they are getting done on our behalf. WE ARE THEIR BOSS and they work for us.

If they are not working the community they are hired to serve then they need to resign and let someone else in that district be out there in the community working with the folks in that district.

With that being said we the people also need to engage ourselves with our elected officials and let them know what we need them to do for us and helping improve relations with the citizens and city government.

When one decides to run for an elected office at any level of government from local level, to county, to state level and federal level, we the citizens must be proactive in being a part of the solution with those we elect, however whomever runs for any particular office they must understand and come to realization it is hard work, but also rewarding work helping the citizens acquire a better quality of life.

We,as citizens,need to become proactive in our communities and be our neighbors keeper and for each other and whomever we decide to vote in check them out and what they have done in the pass to show they actually have a willingness to serve and are not just running to be able to say they have a title in city government and never be there for the people who elected them.

So if you never have before taken charge of your life and what you want accomplished on your behave by city government start doing so and consider running in that council persons place when re-election time comes around or find someone in your district who would be a better choice and let it be heard loud and clear by your vote next go round to current city council member YOUR FIRED.

What many folks don't realize is that we as citizens of this country HOLD ALL THE POWER as to who represents us in office no matter what level of government it is.

Our country lives by a code which is the constitution and laws from every level and not some stupid party ideology. We can choose some party affiliation if we want to or not but in the end we still must vote our conscience and what will these running for an office do for you, your family and your community.

That is why I am not affiliated with one of the two major parties of republican or democrat. I'm 71 years old and have all of my adult life been a Centrist Progressive Independent which allows me every time there are elections to choose whom I feel will do the best job for all Americans and not for some party.

If you have never participated before in being a part of what happens in your community start now and make contact with your district city council and demand a quarterly district town hall meeting and contact info on how to reach them with concerns, ideas you have to improve quality of life for yourself and neighbors.

Start holding them accountable and demand they do the job you hired them for or get fired come election time.

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Sheran commented on Thursday, Oct 05, 2017 at 15:31 PM

Welcome to the blog. I must say I'm surprised a few of our bloggers haven't chatted with you, maybe work? I have a question, are these reps. not on Facebook? That's where I get info for Long County.

wayne44 commented on Thursday, Oct 05, 2017 at 16:48 PM

I agreed with you in everything you mentioned. However, you know as well as I that people are so apathetic when it comes to voting. They will vote for the incumbet because they don't keep with what is happening in their district or the city or county. The only time they get involved is if something happens to them. Our city council has become a distraction and not a useful entity for the city. The situation with Mr. Edwards is a prime example of non-transparency by the council. What did he do that wqrranted a 2 week suspension and why did the council agree to pay him a settlement when he sued them? What are they hiding? Good questions to ask your own council member.

LCarol commented on Thursday, Oct 05, 2017 at 17:49 PM

In response to Sheran, we do not run our city government on a social network page like FB. We run our city government in organized city council meetings every two weeks and not of FB. That is not how business is conducted doing it on a social network online.

To wayne44 many who seem apathetic are like that because they are not educated on their responsibility to be an active citizen in their city, and being their neighbors keeper, helping each other out and learning where to go or who to contact to become active and working together to have a better quality of life. I grew up learning "it takes a village to raise a child" which meant everyone knew everyone, whose children belonged to who and they all cared for one another. We have to educate citizens to become like that helping each other out and working towards a goal of educating themselves on how to have a better quality of life and it is done by folks in a community starting networking and actually meeting and figuring out a solution to problems they may have as individuals or as a group. Our elected officials in this case our district city council persons is responsible to be in touch with us and finding out what we need as a society and work together those the goals together. It takes teamwork from the citizens of a place and there is no letter "I" in teamwork meaning one individual cannot do it alone. End goal is for folks to work together for common goals and your spokesperson is the person you vote into office as our mediator with the city to do what is right for the good of the people. If one feels the city council has become a distraction then step up to the plate and do something about it. Find solutions with those in your district to get them to do what you want done. We all must be held accountable to some degree as to what we allow to or not happen in our lives. We hold the power to remove these folks out of office if they won't do there jobs correctly and involve the citizens that voted them in. We are to be problem solvers and help ourselves and not expect others to do it alone. Start being a part of the solution and not part of the problem. Our putting blame on each other does nothing to help. We have to start being proactive.

Sheran commented on Thursday, Oct 05, 2017 at 18:14 PM

I miss spoke, neither does Long County. That's just where I get info by those that attend the meetings. This way working people can keep up with what is going on. Good luck.

HMJC commented on Friday, Oct 06, 2017 at 09:12 AM


You have re-emphasized what a lot of us site “Locals” have been expressing for a long time; always nice to have a common thread that all can caveat on. As for me, I am just a damn Yankee. I was informed the difference was that a Yankee visits and leaves, whereas a damn Yankee stays…
With that said I have lived in Hinesvegas for just under 20 years. It has been my observation for the most part that the majority of our “Public Servant’s” are dysfunctional, self-serving, and rife with personal biases and discontent that carries over into their official duties. One example being; it seems that the more that comes out about the firing of Mr. Edwards, the more it is apparent that this had more to do with personal angst vs. performance of duties; don’t want to go into deep on this because I have a feeling this is another blog topic by itself…
With-in the last year alone 3 out of every four “Sound Off” segments expressed displeasure with the School Board, City Council, and City Services. Granted ‘Sound Off” shelters you from having to provide a reasoned position but as we always say, where there is smoke, there is fire… There have been too many instances where sub-par performance is clearly evident; when you couple this with the Racism and Elitism that is rampant within the ranks, It’s no wonder why we are where we are at today.
So to make a long story longer… Ms. Carol is 100% correct about all of us becoming legitimately involved in the Democratic process. From my time here, I have seen the same people stay in the same positons with no noticeable change to the status quo. The irony here is that we as voters have a say in what the status quo is; all of us have the ability to actually do research on our elected officials and their performance and casting our vote accordingly. This is keeping in mind that we may have to do a little more than perusing the internet or watching the news.
The reason these cats get away with this is we get angry for a little while and move on. Until we collectively become more engaged as a people there will not be a unified voice demanding change.
The only way we do not have a voice is if we choose not to use it

LCarol commented on Friday, Oct 06, 2017 at 15:37 PM

Many do not get involved in the democratic process not because they don't want to but because they are uneducated about what it is and even knowing there own self worth. Until we start unifying as a people and start educating each other and start walking as a unit which creates teamwork and stand firm and say enough is enough, and take the next step involving ourselves in the process and community and run for these offices ourself or find others to run and we support them nothing will ever change.

I'm willing to start meeting with anyone that wants to talk about what needs changed in this city and sit and find solutions to helping make this a better place for all of us to live in peace and harmony all the while helping each other to have a better quality of life.

The problem with things not moving forward is when it comes to election time many time the sitting person has no one challenging them so the are reflected by default and the ugly cycle continues.

I'm up to working with anyone from any district that wants change and push to hold these council persons accountable or be replaced come election time.

If any of you are interested in talking about it and finding solutions to problems we have you can send me an email at lcaro2017@gmail.com

Speaking of damn Yankees I'm a transplant of 40 years here and have been battling good ole boy network all that time. For a time in 80's and 90's I was belovedly known as the "dreaded Ms. S." LOL

I've been quiet for a couple of decades but when bullies come stepping on my toes it's time to get active again and legally do all I can to put them in their place.

wayne44 commented on Friday, Oct 06, 2017 at 23:01 PM

I emailed my Council member and asked why Mr. Edwards was suspended and why the City decided to pay him a settlement when he proceeded to sue them. I also told him the Council was not being transparent about the entire fiasco and that the public had the right to know what happened. I suspect that what I'll get is a response that they aren't allowed to talk about personnel matters even though the issue has become public. I'll put his reply either on a blog that I write or on one that addresses the same subject.

wayne44 commented on Friday, Oct 06, 2017 at 23:07 PM

HMJC, I was born and raised in Georgia, have lived in Hinesville for more than 30 years, and am still considered a outsider when it comes to local issues. You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned seeing the same old faces in local government. Folks will whine and complain about them but will still vote them back into office.

LCarol commented on Saturday, Oct 07, 2017 at 09:19 AM

This is where we come in as citizens of Hinesville. We must start an independent grassroots base and find at least one for each major party and support them to run against these candidates in each district. That is pretty much what the republican and democratic party has become fractured with some in both parties supposedly conservative, liberal, left wing, right wing and other similar idiotic identifiers. I had the pleasure of going to a meeting a couple days ago listening to a person running for congress against a person in our state district who keeps getting elected because no one runs against him. I say kudo's to that person for doing so.

We need to do the same on local level elections for this is where we start learning about how governments work and WE MUST ALL LEARN WE ALL HOLD THE POWER to rehire or fire those running for election by voting them out or in.

We have to do our part and peaceably get involved and get our neighbors, families, co-workers, church members, etc involved in having a say so in what happens to them.

I am hearing a lot of folks complaining about different things but I'm not seeing those same complainers starting to mobilize to change things.

Therefore I challenge y'all to step up to the plate and make contact with me by email lcarol2017@gmail.com and lets have a meet and start talking about implementing changes in this town by mobilizing now and finding suitable folks who are people persons and really have an interest in helping themselves and their communities.

Talk is cheap but action is another whole ball game.

It does not mean you have to change political party if you identify yourself with one to become active in helping improve your life.

You just need a willingness and the cojones to stand up for yourself, your family and your community.


There are many ways to help and you don't even have to be the one to run for a particular office. There are many other ways for us to help get the folks we will want in office.

Our lives are not dependent on a party affiliation but on the person who is willing to do what is in the best interest of the community.

WE ARE ALL ONE! We are all citizens of Hinesville and first and foremost we are all Americans no matter what party we belong to, what our first language is, what religion we choose to follow, what the skin color of our bodies are, and what social clubs we may or not belong to.

So how about we quit all this bickering and start working together.

LCarol commented on Saturday, Oct 07, 2017 at 09:31 AM

Sorry about misword should have previewed it.


The word NOT shouldn't be there.

LCarol commented on Sunday, Oct 29, 2017 at 16:55 PM

I've been thinking and wondering simply because I can't find anywhere in city government ordinances who holds the city council members accountable for their actions.

We elect them into office so what actions need to be done to push to remove them if they do something wrong?

They seem to have a code of conduct for hired/paid employees so where is the code of conduct for sitting city council persons?

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