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A Guide to Energy-Efficient Home Flooring Solution

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More and more people today choose to be energy efficient because they don’t only want to save money on electricity and gas, but they also want to protect our planet. There are a few things you can do to save energy in your home, such as double-glazing your windows and putting up good insulation, but you can also consider some energy-efficient flooring solutions. Here’s a little guide on the best floor materials, techniques and floor heating systems, so you too can become energy efficient.
Insulation is still important
Flooring materials don’t really have high insulation properties, but if you pair them with a proper insulation layer, each material will have a higher insulating capacity. Most people choose mineral wool as the best insulation layer, and it should be supported by netting in between the joists.
Floor heating for a warm home
Besides insulation, you can make your floors more energy-efficient by installing radiant floor heating. This way of heating has a number of advantages. It provides the space with warm floors which makes the space much more pleasant for living, and it can also be used as a primary heating system. But, before you decide to install it in your home, you should know that not all flooring materials combine well with floor heating. Ceramic tiles, stone and laminate work best, while wood, being an insulator on its own, doesn’t let heat pass through.
Choose the right flooring materials
As we said before, flooring alone can’t stop a lot of energy from escaping, but still, some flooring options perform better than others.
Hardwood floors
Hardwood floors are one of the most common flooring options and are also pretty good in maintaining energy-efficiency in a home. They can keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Although stone appears very cold, it’s possible to use it as an insulator, though not in the same capacity as wood. However, it absorbs a lot of heat until it gets warm and then radiates that heat into space. People who live in diverse climates such as Australia often opt for stone as their material of choice.
Bamboo and cork
Both bamboo and cork are very eco-friendly, but they are not so perfect when it comes to conserving energy. Cork is a bit better insulator than bamboo thanks to its structure. Its cells are very dense and well insulated, so they basically work as air pockets that don’t conduct heat.
Put up area rugs for extra comfort
If you have ceramic, stone or vinyl floors, you can put up area rugs to make them feel warmer. You can put them in your kitchen to keep your feet warm while you cook or do dishes, in your bathroom while you do your makeup or in your living room. They will not exactly insulate the floors, but they can make you more comfortable all winter long. You can find rugs in different colors, materials, sizes and styles, so you can easily incorporate them into any space.
Wall-to-wall carpets not only make the room visually warmer and more comfortable, they are also a good way to insulate your floors. Wool carpets, for instance, make a great natural insulator that also looks great. Even though bare floors are very popular, wall-to-wall carpets are making a comeback. Services that install carpets report a rise in demand, especially in big trendsetter cities such as Sydney, New York and London, so you don’t have to be scared that your home will be out-of-style. Carpets definitely feel warmer than tile, stone flooring and even hardwood, so you’ll feel warmer walking and sitting on it, plus it conserves a lot of heat in the winter.
Even though most people only consider style when choosing a flooring solution, you might also take energy-efficiency into account as well. Having floors that conserve heat will not only lower your utility bills but will also help preserve our beautiful planet.


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