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It seems that in this day higher education has an agenda under the guise of academia. A professor at a San Diego University has offered extra credit if white students take the “white privilege” quiz he has drafted; this is not the first instance I have come across but in the spirt redundancy not will not post links to this as we all can do a little research on our own… I ask you to open the article and peruse the list of questions and offer your take. Unless I am blinded by my “white privilege” … I can’t see how this promotes inclusiveness or a unified front of all races against the scourge of racism.

With this said, I concede that ignorance of “white privilege” exists however; not to the extent it continues to be lamented. Our current society encourages blaming something or someone for their woes. This perpetuates political correctness and not calling the situation for what it is. Most of this is in part is due to any comment you make that is not consistent with “Norm”; you will be lambasted as a racist regardless of a lucid objective point that is not offensive. Please keep in mind this does not include any group that promotes hate and exclusivity; key phrase being all groups classified as a hate group regardless of what race, religion, sexual orientation, or undecided.

Racism perpetuated by any race is part of the problem. Now when you couple this with the institution of “higher learning” promoting a biased snapshot based on individual personal interpretations of the “current state of affairs”; we have college graduates under the impression that this is the status quo.

Just to be clear, this is not about race; it is about society’s current trend of “It Wasn't Me”. If you talk to the younger generation; if you chat about having to “pay your dues” and work your way up the chain based on performance and merit; the reply is “Oh Man, I don’t need another bill… It is quite ironic that the anti-establishment crowd does not want the government in their business but conversely expect the government to extend financial support, a phone, free education, and a stipend to live off of that support their current lifestyle.
Naturalized citizens know more about our history than most Americans; it doesn’t help that the History we were taught is nothing like today's version. Sometimes this is to the extent that apologies are expected for events as old as the American Revolution.

There is nothing wrong with actually learning about our past History for what it was and how it affected society at that snapshot in time. Conversely, there is a problem blaming past events on your personal shortcomings and a skewed perception of expectation management; you are in for a long ride…

Get over yourself, let the past be the past, get a job, contribute to society, and let the past be just that; the past. Humbly await your take…

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wayne44 commented on Friday, Sep 22, 2017 at 03:43 AM

I am still wondering where my "White Priviledge" was while growing up on a farm. I only knew that nothing was given to you. You had to work for what you got. Try cropping tobacco in August for 5 dollars a day and then tell me I was priviledged. Revising History does not negate the fact that it happened. Too many people depend on the goverment (ie, taxpayers) for their living these days but make no effort to better their situation. There is no incentive to find a job or get an education when the system furnishs you food stamps, subsidized housing, an EBT card with money on it, and a free phone. And people wonder why taxpayers get frustrated with the system. Maybe its because they would like a little more money in their paycheck to take care of their families.

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