Blood on Thier Hands
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Although this comes as no surprise… it is painfully obvious that a coordinated effort was orchestrated from the very top down to cover up the real story of what transpired i.e. “this was a response to an anti-muslim video” is another example how Clinton and Nobama escaped accountability for sub-standard performance and direct culpability for the deaths that fateful day.
I find it mind boggling that Armed Security was even a question in Libya. The world is volatile in the middle east however, American Diplomats accepted that risk under the guise that adequate protection of Embassy Staff would be a top priority for the Secretary of State. The bottom line is in that type of environment you need an armed security force that is well versed in High Threat environments; it is mind boggling that this was not a top priority.

Granted, this can be viewed as “sour grapes” from the contractors’ perspective however; the decision to go with the lowest bidder vs. past verifiable performance is part of the crime as well. Unfortunately, Uncle Sam is notorious for being more concerned with the cost and the emphasis for Disabled Veteran, Women Owned Businesses, and Minorities. With that said I have no issue with these demographics being considered it however it doesn’t always result in the best qualified being chosen. In a whole lot of instances; the lowest bidder makes more than the contractor that had a higher bid through cost plus contracts. You get what you pay for has always been the case in any sub-standard contract; until verifiable performance has an equal bearing on the award of said contract; nothing changes.

The other concern is I don’t recall any mention from our elected official’s commitment to revisit any mission that is in a volatile environment to learn from previous operations that failed and enact better protocols to improve survivability in hazardous worldwide locations; the key word being survivability… This coupled with some of the “decision makers” still being in key positions that led up to the tragic events that transpired has the propensity for the same thing to occur again.

The bottom line is Clinton and Nobama have the blood of Americana Heroes on their hand; failing to acknowledge this is just as unconscionable

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wayne44 commented on Sunday, Sep 17, 2017 at 12:29 PM

It has come to the point in this country, if you have influence, the laws don't seem to apply to you. However, if you are just plain old Joe Blow, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law unless your lawyer can get you a deal. Good luck with that if your lawyer is a Public Defender.

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