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New VA claims process promises decisions in 30days
Last comment by HMJC 6 months ago.

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Good news for Veterans.

WASHINGTON — Veterans Affairs officials on Thursday unveiled a new disability claims process they promise will result in decisions within 30 days, potentially shaving months off some veterans’ current wait.

But that timeline doesn’t factor in advance work veterans must do on their own to collect relevant medical tests and service documents. And for now, the new process is only open to veterans looking to upgrade existing disability claims, not new cases.

Still, VA officials say the new Decision Ready Claims initiative could significantly reduce wait times and frustration for many veterans whose cases currently take an average of more than 100 days to reach a decision. VA Secretary David Shulkin praised the announcement as “a collaborative effort between VA and VSOs to help veterans.”

The DRC process, in a pilot phase since May, requires veterans to work closely with veterans service organizations to ensure all relevant medical evidence has been collected before submitting their claims. Officials said the advance work will allow the files to be assigned immediately to claims processors for a decision within 30 days.


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icyman61 commented on Friday, Sep 15, 2017 at 07:56 AM

This just means they will deny you faster, so how is that good news for Vets?

HMJC commented on Friday, Sep 15, 2017 at 09:28 AM


Just another person that is clueless about how the VA works forming an opinion based on just what the news states. Granted I do appreciate PN posting this info as with anything; somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

timeontarget commented on Saturday, Sep 16, 2017 at 12:23 PM

icyman61 it has been a while, where have you been?

PoliticsNation commented on Saturday, Sep 16, 2017 at 20:26 PM

If that comment is geared towards me-you are clueless. I help process claims. In fact, before I transitioned into the job; I assisted many veterans with service-connected claims. In fact, most veterans that I've assisted end up with a 70-100% rating. The 30-day turnaround is a step in the right direction. Why wait for 6mths to a year to find out if you've been denied or approved?

HMJC commented on Tuesday, Sep 19, 2017 at 10:49 AM

If that is so one would think that your views would be so jaded. Especially when you have done a great job helping people get their benefits for which I deeply appreciate. Conversely; are there people out there faking the funk? Ya Roger but our focus still has to be on the ones that are doing the right thing.

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