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Numbers 33 and 66; The First Man and Woman

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Let's begin in the book of Leviticus chapter 12, verses one through five;

1And the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, 2Speak to the children of Israel, saying, If a woman have conceived seed, and born a man child: then she shall be unclean seven days; according to the days of the separation for her infirmity shall she be unclean. 3 And in the eighth day the flesh of his foreskin shall be circumcised. 4 And she shall then continue in the blood of her purifying three and thirty days; she shall touch no hallowed thing, nor come into the sanctuary, until the days of her purifying be fulfilled. 5But if she bear a maid child, then she shall be unclean two weeks, as in her separation: and she shall continue in the blood of her purifying threescore and six days.

I could begin with the first verse here but in the interest of keeping the post brief I will focus our attention on verses four and five;

The restrictions here apply to the woman who gives birth, not the children who are born. When a male child was born the mother was ceremonially unclean for a period of 33 days. When a female was born the time period was doubled to 66 days.

God uses these numbers for very specific reasons although they may seem random to you and I. In order to understand why God orchestrates this requirement the way he does we need to understand the symbology of the numbers of days required.

The number 3 is often used to describe the truth of the Godhead. All things are created through the cooperation of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

When God created man he spoke his purpose to the Godhead with the words "Let us create a man in our image." It applies to the first Adam because he was created directly from God. He was created in the image of the Father, (soul) and given a body (same as the Son). The bible describes Adam as a living soul. This only means that he had a personality and was aware of himself as an entity, but was yet spiritually innocent (as a newborn child). He was not yet filled with the Spirit of God, therefore he was incomplete.

Thirty three days were given for purification because of the curse placed upon the woman in Genesis 3:16;

16 To the woman he said, “I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children. Your desire shall be contrary to your husband, but he shall rule over you.”

The number 33 refers to the redemption of the body, and soul of the newborn. The Spirit had not been given but does not require redemption anyway.

Sixty six days of purification were needed for the female child. The answer to accounting for the difference lies in the fact that she was not created by God but was brought forth from the man.

The number 6 in scripture is always referred to as the number of man. The body and soul of the woman came from man rather than being given directly from the Godhead. She also needs to be redeemed, but man can't accomplish her redemption. It has to come by the Spirit of God.

The fact that she was taken from the man is the reason that the bible refers to her as the weaker vessel. The man was a creation but the woman was a production. She was produced out of the man so that he would be responsible for her actions. This responsibility gives him the final authority as decision maker in the marriage relationship. He will be held directly accountable to God, as he was in the garden for their failures and transgressions.

The woman would now rebel against the man as he has rebelled against God. He would not always have her voluntary cooperation in accomplishing the tasks necessary for life.

God has now given the Spirit of Life. The Holy Ghost has redeemed the fallen soul, and when we are resurrected we will be given a new body which has not yet been tempted with sin and will therefore be incorruptible.

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