Offended by you Being Offended
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Am I the only one that is offended by everyone being offended???

Am the only one weary of the lynch mob mentality of “It all must come down or forever be removed” so my feelings don’t get hurt?

Am I the only one that is cognizant that removing an “offensive” Flag, Monument, or any remote reference to a time in our past that was volatile doesn’t change that it happened?

Our History is just that, our History. Whether it be the Good, the Bad, or the Ugly; it happened. We have always subscribed to the ideology that we learn from the past so as to not perpetuate the same mistakes in the future; or so I thought…

I don’t even know when the watering down of the History Textbooks began. I do know that if you take some time to peruse your children’s History textbooks you are going to feel like you failed History because it reads a whole lot different today. It presents in a couple of different ways; smoothing over the “really bad parts” and the ever present “Both sides were wrong and we can learn from it” … or the blatant assignment of blame and how bad we should feel about ourselves.

I am only 50 but… I just don’t get it… I thought “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me” was a pretty basic concept. For some reason however especially at this snapshot in time; our populous is swarming any slight reference to social injustice as a rallying cry to erase all possible potential references to it to what end?

Racism, Hatred, Intolerance, and ignorance are rooted in personal beliefs and values. The big picture being that monuments, flags, murals, statues etc. are not the problem; we as a people are. If every reference to an injustice is removed nothing changes; this is not a “good” start. This is focusing our angst on something that feels like it is actionable but does not significantly impact the flash point for our discord.

The other question is, when does it stop? Over one third of the signers of the Constitution owned slaves, any reference to Bill Clinton can be considered an affront to women’s rights, Audie Murphy was an alcoholic, Malcom X advocated violence as a means of change and if you look hard enough I think you will find that all of us have ancestors in our past where we were not at their best at a snapshot in time. The human condition can be pretty ugly at times; I dare say no one is without some type of sin.

So, do we tear down statues, rename libraries’, change street names, alter or erase images from national monuments? Do we continue to whitewash history in the name of political correctness and hurt feelings? Do we continue to tell ourselves we are doing our part by engaging in this?

I dare say no with the caveat the “offensive “reference is not unadulterated hate speech. This is for a couple of reasons; one the statue of a general from a war probably means something entirely different to a Family of descendants that does not remotely resemble hate. Two, it forces us to focus on what we are angry about, not an inanimate object.

if you look hard enough it is pretty easy to make almost any situation “offensive” Simmer down a little, be nice to each other, toughen up a little bit and consider that some situations are bigger than all of us.

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wayne44 commented on Friday, Sep 01, 2017 at 06:01 AM

The movement is nothing more than an attempt to revise the Nation's history. Our Founding Fathers were a product of their times. You can not compare their actions with todays. They gave us one two of the greatest documents ever written for people to live by. However, because some of them owned slaves, any good they did will be wiped out by that fact. There are few Nations today that has not had a dark period in their history. Our's was the Civil War and the Jim Crow laws which incidently were passed by
Democrats. You don't hear the offended saying the Democratic party should be removed because of its past. Removing monuments from the past will change nothing. However, if we are going to remove monuments, then they all must go no matter who they represent. The perputualy offended will always find something to complain about. I think Congress is about as useless as teats on a male hog, (no insult meant to the hog) but I am not in favor of doing away with it just because I am offended by their lack of passing legislation. I'll let my vote be my form of protest.

Sheran commented on Friday, Sep 01, 2017 at 09:32 AM

By removing monuments and paying protesters they're hoping you don't look back to see what they're trying to pull off and hide behind our backs. Free speech is under attack on Twitter, Youtube, and Google to name a few. All the protest going on are in Democrat run cities and the mayors are telling the police to stand down in hopes of starting a race war. I believe this has everything to do with a new world order.

timeontarget commented on Friday, Sep 01, 2017 at 14:13 PM

I'm afraid that their real purpose is simply to continue to cause very much disruption and distraction.

They want to keep the Trump administration bogged down and occupied with b___ s___.

Then Trump's team runs out of time to implement those more important things which Trump promised and we voted for him to do.

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