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tonight there was a accident near pineland ave on e.g.miles hwy. a pickup truck was left in the middle of the road until the tow truck arrived. leaving the traffic backed up for quite awhile. people started to go around it the best they could by going thru the parking lots of businesses next to it. while this was going on the cops just stood in the road and watched doing nothing to help the flow of traffic. when i got to where i could see, the tow truck driver by himself was pushing the truck to straighten it up to line up with his truck to tow it. which shows the police could have moved it out of the road before the tow truck got there, but rather then try to clear the road that would have taken a little effort, they left the roads backed up for no reason other then their laziness.

so for the traffic cops on the scene, their main jobs are to keep the roads safe and keep them moving.

safe? cars having to snake thru open businesses is very potentially dangerous to pedestrians. so a total fail on keeping roads safe.

traffic flow? another total failure by leaving a broke truck in the road.

but if you are to drive down south main and go over the yellow line to get into the turning lane, they will have plenty of energy to stop you. i have observed them stalking that yellow line many days. but i guess the ticket cost for that is worth their time.

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timeontarget commented on Friday, Jul 14, 2017 at 07:02 AM


Georgeann7 commented on Wednesday, Jul 19, 2017 at 12:36 PM

I received a ticket in that EXACT spot. You would have thought I had just robbed a bank!

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