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This week’s WTF Moments…

At what point does religious freedom and respect for our Nations Heroes that paid the ultimate sacrifice become one and the same; I say never. This travesty is not founded in equity or inclusiveness; it is no more than an intentional effort to impose personal beliefs and biases on those that also have a right to not subscribe to alternate religious practices. The biggest problem in this case is erecting a monument on hallowed ground in an unabashed effort to impose one’s personal beliefs just for the sake of it as opposed to honoring those who have served. At some point we as a people have to start saying enough is enough; there are just some instances where political correctness needs to be damned and do the right thing for the many as opposed to the few.

This one is easy; TRAITOR!!! Court Martial and sentence him to making small rocks out of big rocks…

I have zero use for individuals so twisted that not do they not protect their own blood from the horrors of the world. It becomes even more macabre when the parents impose their own sick form of discipline with such malice that the child has nowhere to turn. This one is kind of easy too; sounds like there are some adults that need to go on a long protracted amount of time of the same “diet” they afforded this child.

Unfortunately, this is not headline news as the term “Metrosexual” seems to be the Avant Garde for today’s definition of “Manliness” … Todays “Man” has bigger and better earrings than their significant other and a penchant for Mani Pedi’s and Revlon… Maybe I am just jealous as I have a feeling make up is not going to make this self-proclaimed Stone Cold goatee wearing stud muffin look any better…

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