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Deaths of Despair’ Surge Among White Working Class
Last comment by gacpl 7 months, 3 weeks ago.

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This article is meant to educate--not trigger negative emotions. Don't discount the story because the focus is on the death despair of white Americans.

Deaths of Despair’ Are Surging Among the White Working Class and it's scary. The sad part is the very people that are dying are fighting against their best interest. The ACA provides a safety net for millions. of men, women and children, and could have been more beneficial to Georgians, had the state not refused to expand Medicaid. Georgia has one of the least healthy populations in the U.S., but Republicans thought it more important to assist ACA to fail than by helping more sick Georgians. While other state populations improved their health recently, GA did not. While other states have lower ACA costs, GA does not. Not because of ACA, but how ACA was grudgingly implemented here. Btw, yes, ACA can be improved, but not by taking from the sick and working class to give tax breaks to the rich.

White working-class death rate will remain high for a generation, researchers say https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-03-23/white-working-class-death-rate-to-be-elevated-for-a-generation via @business

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gacpl commented on Monday, Mar 27, 2017 at 13:36 PM

the medicaid expansion sounds good at first. but the federal government only finances it for a short time leaving the state to foot the bill in the long haul.

as far as coverage in hinesville. there are people making $12.00 a hour getting employer insurance for $90.00 a month. sounds good until you get to the $10,000 deductible. not to mention not all doctors will take it. my son has his own coverage, he went to his doctor and found out he wont take his insurance any more. so the nearest doctor he can see is in garden city.

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