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In an attempt to sojourn away from the geopolitical drama I ran across this article and had to chuckle but also fret a little bit. What I mean is todays “average” young man aged 18-30 looks at things a whole lot different it seems. Mom and Dad’s basement is still an attractive residential option and Heroes such as John Wayne have been replaced with Chelsea or Bradley Manning and Lumpy the Liberal Dinosaur...

For some reason the concept of what being a Man looks like has drastically changed. If you are tough you must be a bully or in need of individual sensitivity counseling. If you open a door for a Lady you are a chauvinist and if you complement a woman and says she looks nice you are a sexist pig… I don’t know if I would be considered old fashioned but I do believe it is ok for a man to be a man and leave Mani Pedi’s and earrings to the fairer of the sexes. Either way enjoy hopefully

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wood17 commented on Friday, Feb 03, 2017 at 00:02 AM

It is safe to say that there is considerably less shame for not being self sufficient. The challenges in life have changed with the times. I have never been through the experience of a world war where MILLIONS of people lose their life. The urgency of the men and women who return from war alive is relatively unknown to my generation. Additionally, if one assumes that the feminist movement was created to promote equal civil rights, it now represents something considerably different. Masculinity is seldom promoted as a virtue. There is no replacement for masculinity in the household and sadly without strong men in the house there naturally can't be as much present. Maybe that too is a generational issue.

HMJC commented on Friday, Feb 03, 2017 at 08:20 AM

I truly do think it is a generational issue as well. I appriciate your perspective regarding the differences in sense of urgency with todays young men. I have first hand expierence where my daughters long time beau is almost 30 and the only thing he is truly profiecent at is video games with zero drive to achieve anyting else above, barista, half ass lifeguard, and a dunckin donuts employee while my daughter has a degree from UGA and is currently in law school. for whatever reason he has no issue being the one who wears the skirt as long as she continues to buy his name brand smokes... With that said however that is her decison and not my problem for the most part but used to be embarressed to talk about it becuase I thought I looked like a fool and I know I had raised her to expect as much effort out of a relationship as she puts in...

The sad thing is there are countless parents I have chatted with over the years that are expierencing similar circumstatnces. I gotta say it seems like the Millineial Generation make chromasone seems to be diluted a litte...

timeontarget commented on Sunday, Feb 05, 2017 at 07:07 AM

I believe we have dumbed down the gene pool.

wood17 commented on Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 at 00:29 AM

I had to post this just to show what utter BS we are dealing with. If the genes are diluted, and I don't doubt that they are, this type of mind set is intentionally driving it that way. HMJC, your daughter seems to be a sharp person and in all likelihood will recognize everything you see if she hasn't already. Sometimes people who challenge themselves have an easier time finding companionship with people who don't challenge much of anything. She is after all still in the "transitional" phase called school. Real life is a lingering thought that myself or many others at that age was ready to acknowledge just yet.

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