The Developement Authority is a shel game
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Guess who just ripped off the Liberty County taxpayer of $289,800.00. They bought pipes, and other material in 2009 2010 for the reclamation project that failed for $300,000.00 and then sold that material for $10,200.00. Is there no accountability. That is just wrong! Want to talk about politicians out of control. How blatant is this theft. The whole authority should be put in jail! They are no better than common crooks! Do you want to know why Liberty County taxes are so high? It is because we have to line the pockets of the Liberty County Developement Authority and their friends. I think the State Attourney General should be contacted and an audit of the LCDA should be made. As I recall, the people of Liberty County turned out at several meetings about the now DEFUNCT RECLAIMATION PROJECT and were against it. Someone is living high on the hog on our tax dollars.

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timeontarget commented on Tuesday, Jan 03, 2017 at 15:57 PM

Very interesting and a cordial welcome to you for posting this.

We here at TOT will follow your thoughts and reports and hopefully we can all collectively influence the path our officials follow.

timeontarget commented on Tuesday, Jan 03, 2017 at 16:02 PM

I know you have been here for a while but I just want to thank you for this blog.

We need more of these comments and letters to the editor so as to inform our citizens.

wood17 commented on Wednesday, Jan 04, 2017 at 23:23 PM

I have a few comments for this blog.

First, I do believe there are open meetings where people should attend. I admit that I never have and I really should just to see how the operation works. The shedule for meetings is available at the development authority website:

This link allows travel to other areas of the authority website but brings you directly to the board of directors page. Our board is appointed by the County Commission if I am not mistaken.

Secondly, I believe that our local "authorities" are exempt from the county financial audit report. The hospital authority as well as the development authority do not have their financial details tied directly to the county financial audit.

I am not sure how much theft is going on with the development authority. Their may be incompetence but I don't know about theft. It is incumbent upon us all to demand that reliable and competent people are appointed to the board. Everyone needs to put pressure on your commissioner to be sure that when a vacancy occurs to be vocal about your concerns. Our county commission chairman is on the board. you can start discussions with Mr.Lovette. It is very little surprise to see that we have appointed State Representative Al Williams to the board as Vice Chairman. He also happens to be on the House Economic and Tourism Development Committee. He is also on the Appropriations Committee. The other board members can handle their own scrutiny as well but those are two of note.

I also appreciate the scrutiny of the Development Authority. I hope that the OP of this blog continues to point out when our county has a lack of oversight and are being less than good stewards of our tax dollars.

wayne44 commented on Thursday, Jan 05, 2017 at 05:17 AM

The Developoment Authority seems to be just another beaurocratic entity with no oversight. They never post any kind of financial report so the taxpayers never really know where the money goes. The problem boils down to most citizens not getting involved to denmand accountability of the money trail. Our city and county representatives are no different than the elites in Washington who spend money on useless projects that never accomplish anything.

timeontarget commented on Thursday, Jan 05, 2017 at 05:39 AM

This blog and the comments posted here exemplifies just how beneficial this Coastal Courier blog sit is as a tool to inform us of the deeds as well as misdeeds of our appointed as well as our elected officials.

Mewbet thank you for this and please continue to post your findings here for all to see.

wood17 commented on Thursday, Jan 05, 2017 at 12:33 PM

This is a side note somewhat unrelated to the blog. In case anyone wondered how we have a transit system that generates no money but continues to operate, Al Williams is likely to be a primary driver in State funds to the transit system. Al is also on the House Transportation committee as well as the Rules, Appropriations-Public Safety, and Game, Fish and Parks committees. If you don't like game regulations in the state of Georgia, Al is the man to talk to.

In case anyone didn't know it already, our legislative system is set up by a financially dependent hierarchy. Your value as a member of congress is to become elected and then get appointed to as many committees as possible. These committees steer funds. If you cannot find a way to steer funds, your value as a legislator is low. Your staying power is also low because you cannot ingratiate yourself to the powers that steer funds and political capital your way in exchange.

In short, Mr Williams steers funds. Everyone that wants power in their areas and wants to remain in congress steers funds. He isn't the only one so I'm not picking on him specially. We are appropriated funds and grants to do things that we otherwise could not support financially. Sometimes this lowers the burden on the taxpayer for values that we all enjoy. Other times, it emboldens our local officials to make moves and spend money in a way that is less than beneficial to the tax payers of our area and sometimes perceived to be beneficial to the people of our area who pay little to no property tax or business taxes and fees. I am afraid that many times our local officials are too bold. Sometimes it is nice to know you have a friend under the golden dome. Other times, it's nice for a few and not for far too many.

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