Nobama "Condems" Russia
Last comment by sebekm 2 months, 4 weeks ago.

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All I can say is WoW... Nobama conducted a press conference regarding the airliner that was shot down in the Ukraine. The jist being that it was Russia's fault that the incident occurred. Okay; was it Russian Arms? Probably, did Russia shoot it down" Probably not. This point blank is another asinine attempt to "Wag the Dog" and appear to be relevant on the world stage. Once again, EPIC Fail. What the hell is he trying to achieve? This plain and simple is a casualty of war. It is a terrible tragedy but in no way can it be construed as a deliberate act by Russia. Don't get me wrong; I am no fan of Putin or his disdain for our country. But this latest press debacle by Nobama is easily in the top three for foreign diplomacy fails.

Lets call a spade a spade here; how many countries around the world are in possession of U.S. weapons? Of those countries how many have committed atrocities of acts of war?

One being; the Taliban; the CIA provided weapons and intelligence during the Soviet War. As we know these same weapons were used against civilians and Americans.

Why do we not have the same disdain for Syria? The Chinese and Iran/Iraq have been providing weapons that has resulted in over 200,000 being killed with over a third being civilian casualties. Oh that's right. we are currently negotiating with Iran right now and continue to Kow Tow to the Chinese.

As for Russia; at the end of the day do you really think that Putin is going to give a damn if the U.S. pushes for more sanctions? NO, all this is going to accomplish is hurting the EU and further deteriorate the current strained relations.


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sebekm commented on Sunday, Jul 20, 2014 at 14:15 PM

This is what happens when we lose credibility around the world. OUR WORD MEANS NOTHING. OUR PROMISES MEAN NOTHING. OUR THREATS MEAN NOTHING.

I saw a news article yesterday that said Putin currently has an 85% approval rating in Russia. His people LOVE the way he is making fools of the United States and making Obama appear IMPOTENT.

We need regime change in this country. Start the process this November. VOTE REPUBLICAN.

JimmyMack commented on Sunday, Jul 20, 2014 at 14:48 PM

@Sebe. Yesssirrreee Bob! Nothing like a Commie poll to get to the truth! Wonder if we could contract some of their poll takers to come over here and bury Obama even deeper than the ones we got doing the job???

We NEED a CONGRESSIONAL over haul in this country and a politically savvy WOMAN in the White House.

sebekm commented on Sunday, Jul 20, 2014 at 15:06 PM

Jimmy: That "commie poll" DOES get to the truth of the matter, which is that PUTIN'S PEOPLE FULLY ENDORSE HIS ACTIONS. Without homegrown political pressure from within, he has little incentive to change his ways - especially in the near term. That was my point. His people LOVE the way he's rubbing Obama's nose in world events.

That sentiment is not likely to change.

JimmyMack commented on Sunday, Jul 20, 2014 at 15:12 PM

Sebe, buddy. I know you are resistant to it but there are lies, damn lies, statistics and then polls.

JimmyMack commented on Sunday, Jul 20, 2014 at 15:25 PM

Who counts all dem polls ya reckon?

sebekm commented on Sunday, Jul 20, 2014 at 16:34 PM

They're being reported by the Lamestream Media and I don't see any Russian rioting-in-the-streets to dispute them. Even the UKRAINIANS don't doubt this one:

And on other issues, Putin seems to have the ear (if not the libido) of his comrades:

I have no reason to doubt what even the American media-at-large believes - this time.

timeontarget commented on Monday, Jul 21, 2014 at 07:17 AM

"We need regime change in this country. Start the process this November. VOTE REPUBLICAN."

I think I will start the process tomorrow.

I may never again vote for any long time office holders including those who are running for office in higher position than what they have formerly held.

Such as Kingston and Carter.

I will be voting Republican but I'll be voting for new blood in our two runoffs.

sebekm commented on Wednesday, Jul 23, 2014 at 12:46 PM

Kingston loses, Carter wins. I would have liked to see Kingston win, but I agree with Nunn's advisors who would have PREFERRED Kingston as an opponent because he would have been a much easier target. What we have now is TWO "outsiders" (from D.C.) rather than the the outsider vs. the "consummate insider," which is how the Dems would have portrayed Kingston.

Perdue being a cousin of the former governor is a much more difficult proposition for the Dems to attack. He also has a bunch of money and already has marshaled the support of Kingston and the GOP hierarchy. You can certainly expect MUCHO Republican PAC support and funding to be coming into this campaign in support of Perdue.

My hunch is that Perdue prevails because GA is STILL a red (if not red-leaning) state. But the results may be as close as the GOP primary.

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